Massage Your Energy Meridians the “Blessed Man’s Way”

Not too many people can take the time and the means to afford regular massages or energy meridians massages nowadays. . In fact, it seems that only a minority of privileged people can spend the time and afford to restore the health of their body, mind and soul through regular massage sessions…

If you are among the majority of people who couldn’t fathom to allocate the time and the budget to long term rejuvenating energy meridians massage sessions, then we have great news for you!

Imagine that soon, you will be on your way to experience blissful, regular amazing and energy meridians massages, AND the blessed way!

Therapeutic paybacks when using the powerful energy meridians massagers.

What is the “blessed way”? For “pennies per session”, with no need to make any appointments, right from the comfort of your home, and at any time you feel like for a good relaxation or energizing moment…

And if you already benefit from regular massages, you could also soon add more to your therapeutic paybacks by using the powerful energy meridians massagers, from Dr. Lyapko, at home and/or by asking your therapist to “roll you over” for a few minutes before doing your regular massage to deepen your results and overall health benefits.

How important are your energy meridians to you?

Your energy meridians should be among the best buddies you think of every day! According to the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TMC) they map and flow within your whole subtle (invisible) body, in corresponding pairs of energy flow. Each meridian has multiple “energy pocket” or acupuncture points all along its path.

Body energy meridians are crucial for our well being and are referred to the beautiful “flower of life”

Did you know that we all have a free flow of energy, also called Chi, Ki, Qi, Prana, Universal Energy, Life Force,etc., that runs through our whole body (mind and soul), and goes through each and all our meridians & their centers, known as Chakras?

Your Life Force is of THE utmost importance for the general holistic health of your body, mind and soul…

Unfortunately, an astounding number of factors interfere with the free and fluid flow of our Chi energy through our meridians and chakras, and more often than not, it faces imbalances and challenges, mostly generated by the hardly avoidable stress and pollution of modern life.

Our energy meridians are extremely crucial for our well being as they form and are referred to the beautiful “flower of life”; the helix pattern-like they form through their energy path resembles a six petal flower, bursting with life energy!

The 12 main energy meridians are divided into Yin and Yang groups (our masculine and feminine energies), and correspond to our main organs : the lungs, large intestine, stomach, spleen, heart, small intestines, bladder, kidneys, heart governor, triple heater, gall bladder and liver.

They run in parallel and symmetry on the right and left sides of our body, except for the conception and governing meridians, and are each active at different time during the cycle of our 24hours day.

According to TCM (Taditional Chinese Medicine), our energy meridians and their well-being control our mind, body, and spirit. We would even go further and say that they create a huge impact on the quality of our life in general, the choices we make, the people we hang around with, etc…

So how important do you think your energy meridians should be to you?

Your energy meridians will reward you for received massages!

While the flow of energy that runs through our meridians should in principle be balanced and smooth, in reality we often (unknowingly) suffer from invisible energy blockages and imbalances from the multiple assaults of life eroding our life energy reservoir… The list is on going with poor nutrition, genetically modified organisms GMOs, stress, lack of physical activities, chemical and heavy metals pollution, electrical pollution such as EMFs all around, etc.

Blocked energy points or areas are at the source of malfunctions, dis-ease and degeneration of associated organs, tissue and energy pockets, as they turn off our innate ability to receive proper nutrients from the food we ingest, to feed the blood properly, to heal and regenerate.

“The way Qi travels in this cycle through the meridians is referred to as the “Meridian Clock”. When the flow of our energy is balanced and harmonious, we experience physical and emotional well-being. When the flow is blocked, erratic or depleted, we experience physical or emotional dis-ease. Qigong and acupuncture are practices which help us to maintain a healthy flow of qi through the meridian system.”

When the energy flow of meridians is compromised and energy blockages are not addressed it could, over time, lead to common and serious health issues found in today’s society, such as high blood or low blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, stroke, diabetes, obesity , excessive uric acid, arthritis, cold leg and extremities , varicose veins, cerebrovascular and mental diseases, chronic fatigue, apathy, cancer, and much more..

Therefore, each time you bless your energy meridians with a massage, you are giving your body much more than relaxation and ease of pain, and with regular massages, health benefits might be invaluable to you (and your family) when compounded over time. In fact:

“Massage is purported to have an array of benefits, including alleviating symptoms of depression, anxiety, back pain, asthma, fatigue, and even HIV. A new study shows there are sustained, cumulative beneficial effects of repeated massage therapy. The effects persist for several days to a week, and differ depending on the frequency of sessions. Results of the study were reported on line in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine.”


But beside all the invaluable health benefits they bring, massage just lift us with better mood and sensuality, lighter spirit, enhanced perspective and clarity of mind.

One good reason is because massages are releasing our naturally released feel-good hormones, the endorphins, relaxing us both physically and emotionally, and allowing us to take more detachment and mental distance toward things.

Massage your Energy meridians to bring better mood and sensuality, lighter spirit, enhanced perspective and clarity of mind.

In fact, they are so many different ways our energy meridians will thank us for a good massage! Sometimes it is so relaxing that we fall asleep, while at other times we feel fully energized. The body has ways of regulating itself with what it needs, and of giving us clues of its state of health. But in the long run, making sure that we take care of the flow of energy in our body meridians is one of the paramount pillars of health.

Massage your energy meridians the blessed way: blissfully, yet powerfully, right at home!

And since energy meridians massages are of utmost importance for the maintenance of health, we believe that they shouldn’t be a luxury. Rather, they should be accessible to all of us and be a regular part of our life.

Therefore, we are extremely pleased to be able to NOW offer you a very affordable portable personal massagers system, from the patented therapeutic technology developed by Dr. Lyapko, that we bring to you all the way from in Eastern Europe, after having experienced ourselves how incredibly efficient and “de-stressing” they are for the body and mind, and how toning and beauty enhancing they can be as well! .

Now you too can receive and pamper yourself with well-deserved and powerful massages, and harmonize ALL your energy meridians and acupuncture points, whether on your body, your face, your scalp, your feet or your hands, in a pleasurable and blissful way, right from the comfort of your own home, and for pennies per massage!

Fantastic health companions, the personal and light weight energy meridian massagers we offer are perfect complements to deepen the health benefits and cellular absorption you obtain from your favorite dietary supplements, such as Bio Chlorella® and Bio Mega3®, so you can get a better health return on your health investment.

They can be used anytime and everywhere! And you will be happy every time you do so.

In fact, the Lyapko therapeutic energy meridians massagers give users a durable, pleasurable, stimulating, relaxing and healing “million needle shower” effect everywhere on the face or body.

Therapeutic results, are quickly permitted, in an unique way through the impulse of the galvanic currentof the devices. They are excellent means to promote and to preserve health, and you will truly have the feelings of restoring your life tonus, good mood and working capacity!

There are multiple ways to benefit from them, from working on targeted muscle groups, to sport enhancement massages, muscle toning, improved circulation, reflexology, relaxation, rejuvenation, pain prevention and relief, or from deeper tissue massage…

Don’t wait and deprive you from the invigorating and pleasurable feelings that these affordable energy meridians massagers can give you!

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Body energy meridians massagers

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