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How much Bio+ Chlorella should you take?

Since Bio+ Chlorella® isa pure and “super food”, one can take as much as desired. A person could never take too much of a good quality Chlorella (besides very rare cases of allergy to Chlorella). Being perfectly safe, pure & clean Chlorella can never accumulate in the body or become toxic.

No harmful negative effects have ever been associated with the consumption of Chlorella.

However, since Chlorella is a food and because of its initialdetoxifying reactions, every person has to find his or her own comfort level. This will depend on the individual’s health condition, on the reactions of their system and on the results desired.

Due to its strong potency, with Bio Chlorella® we suggest you to start slowly and to increase your Chlorella’s dosage progressively.

  • If you have no issues with digestion and bowel movements, you may start with 3-6 Bio+ Chlorella® tablets a day for the first few days, and gradually increase the dosage during the next two to three weeks until the initial reactions, if any, subside.

  • For people who are prone to bloating and constipation, we strongly suggest to start with 3-4 Bio+ Chlorella® tablets for the first couple of days as Bio+ Chlorella® is 100% pure and could induce immediate detoxifying reactions.

    If bowel movements are eased, then progressively increase the dosage over the next several weeks until the desired results (one to three daily bowel movements). However if constipation worsens, which could indicate that the cleansing reactions are too rapid, reduce dosage until bowel movements get regular before increasing the dosage again.

  • If you suffer from IBS, colitis, Crone’s disease or any digestive condition with a tendency to have diarrhea, we recommend to start with only 2 Bio+ Chlorella® tablets for the few days and gradually increase the dosage during the next two to three weeks.

  • For general prevention and maintenance about 15 Bio Chlorella® tablets a day are recommended, which represent about 3 grams.
  • If you are aiming at a particular symptom, then taking 5-6 grams per day (25 to 30 Chlorella tablets) has been reported to be quite common. Over time, significant changes in digestion, energy level, bowel movements, overall health and general well-being may be experienced. Some people with a serious condition have been reported to take, under medical supervision, up to 60 or 100 Chlorella tablets per day for a little while, and later decreasing their dosage. Adjusting your Chlorella dosage mainly depends on the responses you obtain.
  • To optimize the Chlorella detoxification properties it is best to take Bio Chlorella® on an empty stomach with purified water or fresh vegetable or fruit juice (beware of the sources and sugar content). But it can also be taken with, after or between meals, preferably in divided doses or all at once. Due to its mild taste, we strongly suggest chewing Bio Chlorella® tablets to accelerate their digestion and assimilation. Any residue remaining on the teeth and gums will protect and heal those tissues. Due to their flushing effects on nutrients such as vitamins and minerals, caffeine or soft drinks are not recommended within at least half an hour before or after taking Bio Chlorella®. Drink lots of fluids, preferably purified water.
  • If you are taking Bio Chlorella® in powder form, one teaspoon is equivalent to about 3 grams.So to start with, we usually suggest 1/4 of a teaspoon per day for a few days and gradually increase over a few weeks to a full teaspoon per day.
  • Pure Bio Chlorella® powder mixed with water may be used as a paste and applied over a cut, wound or rash to accelerate the healing of tissues or simply as a wonderful chlorophyll facial mask as well, or added to your natural toothpaste as a natural deodorant or for added anti-bacterial & cleansing properties.
  • In a detoxification, rejuvenation or immune stimulation program, a short regimen of fasting with Bio Chlorella® may be followed (please consult your health practioner first).
  • Please store Bio Chlorella® away from light, as exposure to light can decrease its potency. Do not store Bio Chlorella® in your refrigerator unless you make sure it is completely air tight.
  • For children the dosage should be from a half to a quarter of the adults dosage.
  • For pets the dosage should be proportional to their size..

Paul Ciaravella

Author of "Shaken...But in Control"

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What could you expect?

When people start taking Bio+ Chlorella® supplement for the first time they may go through detoxification and positive healing reactions if they go too fast, which are the signs of overload elimination. These usually involve the return of previous symptoms and unwanted reactions.Detoxification reactions are short-lived, ranging usually from a few days to (rarely) several months at the most, depending on the level of internal pollution. This indicates a positive shift towards health, greater strength and dynamism. Since our whole physiological, mental and emotional histories are enclosed in the body, detoxifying reactions can also be expressed through unwanted emotional and/or mental reactions, such as anger, impatience, and sadness, or feelings of depression, aggressiveness, etc. The strength of the reactions is usually proportional to the level of toxins, obstructions and pain that have accumulated in the body. Remember, however, that when there is no pain (healing reactions), there is no gain or cure! Physiological detoxifying reactions may be caused by :

  1. An initial excessive dosage of detoxifying agents resulting in a too rapid detoxification process.
  2. Sluggish, weak organs of elimination
  3. A lack of vital force caused by malnutrition, internal pollution, mal-absorption etc.

The most common detoxifying symptoms are headaches, fatigue or exhaustion, a sensation of being hot or cold, intestinal gases, bloating, constipation, black feces, diarrhea, foul gases and stools, pimples, nasal and vaginal discharge, skin rashes, eczema, and muscle or joint pain. Nausea or vomiting may rarely occur.

Healing reactions are desirable. They mean that Bio+ Chlorella® has triggered the body to regain its natural internal balance and that it is working to remove body toxins. The excess chlorophyll will be expelled through bowel movements (possibly making stools greenish) but it doesn’t mean that too much Bio+ Chlorella® is being taken.

However, there is no need to put ourselves through unpleasant detox symptoms, therefore we usually recommend to start slow and to slowly increase overtime. We wish you to love yourself into easier health, and possibly without going through a “health boot camp”!

While detoxifying, it is best to assist the body by increasing the intake of other cleansing foods, in order to ease the process. Eating less meat, fatty and refined products, and sugar, while increasing the level of green vegetables, fruits, grains and legumes in the diet, will further enhance positive healing reactions.

It is not recommended for pregnant women to change their diets dramatically by starting a detoxifying program while being pregnant, because the sudden release of toxins may harm the fetus; however starting to take chlorella before and while being pregnant is desirable for both the future mother and the baby.

Be persistent, as the annoying detoxification reactions will gradually disappear, while rewarding results – such as increased stamina, cleaner breath, decreased body odors, better digestion, regular bowel movements, smoother skin, stronger gums and teeth, more rapid healing of cuts or wounds, subsiding of sugar cravings, decreased appetite, etc. – will become gradually more evident.

As everybody is different, the results are individual.

Unless you are showing an allergic reaction (in which case, it is best to stop taking chlorella altogether), you can safely increase the dosage asthe detoxifying crisis symptoms decrease. Always drink plenty of purified water to maximize detoxification.

Since reactions to chlorella are individual, there are people who may not feel anything. However, it is sometimes that the healing process, being gradual, goes unnoticed. After having taken purechlorella for a little while, try to remember what symptoms have disappeared or improved.

The absence of symptoms could also be the case of healthy people, or of sick people, who are not taking enough chlorella. If you are healthy and have been takingthis whole foodfor six months, and you are still not feeling its benefits, you might want to stop taking it for a while to experience the difference in sensations. Also, as with taking any other food, you do not want take it for too long a period with no break in between.

However, aside from these occasional breaks,this wonder foodcan be taken every day to help removedaily body toxinsbefore they lead to damage and diseases. Chlorella taken daily may supply the body with nutrients necessary to its proper functioning, such as protein, enzymes, chlorophyll, dietary fiber and multi-vitamins, amino acids and minerals, without any possibility of toxic build-up. By receiving an abundant range of “live” and highly effective nutrients, the body becomes energized from within. It changes its internal environment, allowing the intelligence of our system to jump-start into a self-regulating and healing mode.

The removal of heavy metals from the bloodstream could take approximately 3 to 6 months to begin, depending on the dosage taken

Overall chlorella can, as a holistic whole food, provide long term and continuous benefits of detoxification, immunostimulation, hormonal and blood sugar and pH normalization, lower cholesterol, healing and rejuvenating without any damaging side effects.

As stated above, pure chlorella, unlike a chemical drug, does far more than just suppress the symptoms. It reaches the sources of the condition and unlocks the body’s natural healing powers

But as chlorella is a nutriceutical food and not a prescription medicine, its actions require time and dedication to attain.

The results achieved from natural supplements may take up to 90 days before people begin to reach their long-term goals. However, many people may experience benefits within just a few days (Please refer to our Testimonials. In any case, the longer the period that chlorella is taken, the deeper are the benefits to be experienced.

In studies,chlorellahas also shown great potential in assisting serious diseases such as cancer, AIDS, Epstein- Barr virus, arteriosclerosis diseases and degenerative diseases associated with the aging process. As a wonder food, chlorella has no peers.