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“YES” To Microalgae And to ALL The Goodness They Bring!

Microalgae: The First Guardians of the Earth and of Health
Did you know that microalgae have existed on the planet for over 3.5 billion years, even outlasted the Mayan Civilization (or dinosaurs!), and that they can be perfect foods for you today?

During about the initial billion years of the Earth’s existence, harmful gases such as methane, carbon and ammonia dioxide made our environment heavy. Within the evolution of Earth, microalgae – such as Chlorella, spirulina, and other algae- and primitive green plant had the duty to strain these lethal components, and to eventually allow the adjustments of the Earth’s setting to one efficient in supporting flora and animals.
In fact, Chinese were the first humans to use microalgae to survive during famine times, back 2000 years ago.
Guess what are the names of the first guardians of the Earth and human health? For human consumption the main members of the microalgae family are blue-green algae, spirulina and chlorella. Today, they are all considered as Superfoods.

Yet they are not just the same, despite the fact that they are from the very same family (just like brothers and sisters can differ).

For example, blue-green algae and Spirulina are in reality cyanobacteria (bacteria that have developed a capacity to generate chlorophyll in the presence of sunshine and co2; i.e. they are photosynthetic) while Chlorella, a more evolved form of life, is a real plant with a nucleus and a cell-wall that consist of cellulose.

Cyanobacteria have the potential, as do all bacteria, to produce ‘endotoxins’ as a by-product of metabolism and decomposition. Plants do not produce endotoxins.

In general microalgae or microphytes, typically found in freshwater and aquatic systems, have unique and awesome particularities, explaining why they provide essential and unique nutritional advantages to fulfill today’s needs.
Why is that? In very short:

They contain more chlorophyll than any other plants.
The microalgae family provides more protein, beta-carotene and nucleic acids (RNA and DNA) than any animal or plant food on Earth, and all have a high nutritional profile

The micro-algae contain anti-fungal and anti-bacterial biochemical not found in any other plant or animal species.
They store very large supply of RNA-DNA, which is known to be beneficial for reversing aging and cellular renewal.

A remarkably important truth about the microalgae family is that since they were also among the initial kinds of life, they have billions of years encoded in their nucleic acids or RNA & DNA, which also happen to be our blue-print of life!
In fact, over three billion years ago microalgae were responsible for creating the oxygen on Earth…. And some infer that without microalgae we might not be here…. Fascinating, isn’t it?

Unlike higher plants, microalgae do not have roots, stems and leaves. Microalgae, capable of performing photosynthesis, are important for life on earth; they produce approximately half of the atmospheric oxygen and use simultaneously the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide to grow photoautotrophically. Most of these microalgae species produce unique products like carotenoids, antioxidants, fatty acids, enzymes, polymers, peptides, toxins and sterols.
Could it be therefore essential for us to grasp that microalgae are not only be essential for life on Earth but could also be so for our lives, since we are all part of life on Earth?
The Valuable Applications of Microalgae in the 20th Century
At times when the human specie’s survival is questioned, it looks like people tend to turn back to original life forms and to Source.

“In blue-green algae we find three and one-half billion years of life on this planet encoded in their nucleic acids (RNA/DNA). At the same time, all microalgae supply that fresh burst of primal essence that manifested when life was in its birthing stages. At a moment in history when the survival of the human species is in jeopardy, many people have begun instinctively to turn to these original life forms for nutritional support.”

Paul Pitchford, Healing with Whole Foods, 1993

History for example has shown us that in order to alleviate food shortages, already during the World War 2, German scientists had studied very closely microalgae as a possible solution for hunger and malnutrition, and by using for that purpose a specific type of microalga, Chlorella.

Then, in the fifties, issues of the globe population rise and future predictions of lack of healthy protein supply led to a rise in the potential of microalgae as brand-new and unconventional useful sources of healthy protein. Active exploitation of microalgae and aquaculture began in the 60’s and 70’s.
Microalgae have shown fantastic potential for higher and effective food production systems because they have a much faster development rate than terrestrial crops, of 7 to 3o time greater growth! Furthermore they are great for the environment as well (non-polluting, releasing oxygen, absorbing carbon dioxide and producing no waste) to help improve our concerns for food shortage and survival.

Not limited to food and complete nutrition possibilities during survival (or even fasting) time, other promising uses and potential for microalgae emerged, such as biodiesel which became popular since the 90’s, and coming back today for new explorations and developments.
According to Roger Huerlimann, a PhD student at James Cook University in Townsville, research should turn into algal oils as a sustainable solution to solve future resource problems, Mr Huerlimann is part of a larger research group at JCU, led by Associate Professor Kirsten Heimann. This team has been studying to grow microalgae to capture carbon dioxide, a recognized greenhouse gas responsible of global warming.

Mr Huerlimann said that microalgae are tiny aquatic organisms related to plants that use light and the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide to produce oils, like any other plant produce oils.

And according to him, “Two of the major problems in future will be the shortage of food and fuel”.
Another major application for the world is the use of microalgae in

and for increasing our ecological balance. As a parallel analogy to their micro applications on the human body, microalgae help to “manage” our wastes/toxins, and to balance our ecological balance as well.
Another powerful ability they show is to eliminate enormous amount of harmful emission of carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere, which is a great asset to help repair the dangers the planet experience now. Again, as a parallel comparison, microalgae can also greatly help us to absorb and flush away the internal pollution -such as chemicals, heavy metals, pesticides, etc- that might torment our wellness and compromise our future…
Thankfully, modern technology is enabling us today to benefit from the goodness of all of what Mother Nature intended to give the Earth through the extraordinary powers of microalgae. And these powers are now offered to you through dietary supplements! From daily protein requirements to overall marked nutritional superiority, there is a plethora of nutritional and health related needs that can be satisfied by the consumption of food & supplements products based on dried microalgae… Please explore this site to find out more.

The “Queen” of All Microalgae
There is no doubt that all microalgae have exceptional nutritional and healing qualities, and they can be easily and beneficially mixed together.
However, lots of studies and experts have actually shown that Chlorella reigns at the top of the nutraceutical and microalgae ladder, and arises as the top for its special and remarkable qualities, particularly well-suited for our modern needs and perfect for many of the difficulties we are all facing!
Also, Chlorella does not incur the risk of endotoxins as cyanobacteria such as blue-green algae and spirulina, and is compatible with all body types as it is not very cooling to the body.


Spirulina and more particularly super blue-green algae (SBGA) are cooling and increase ying fluids. There are therefore not very suitable for those with signs of coldness and dampness (water retention, mucus, yeasts, cysts, etc.) in the lower abdomen. As a matter of fact, it appears that about 30% of people do not agree and might have a toxic reaction to ‘SBGA’. Due to the extreme and powerful nature of SBGA, people with deficiencies, cold or “ungrounded” should be warned of the possible toxic and negative effects they could possibly experience with SBGA (lack of mental focus, more weakness, weight loss, etc.). However people with sign of excess heat and a robust constitution can greatly benefit from SBGA.

Chlorella is at least 100 times smaller than either ‘SBGA’ or spirulina which allows for micro-centrifuge harvesting and filtration; thus yielding a very pure and clean product. Chlorella is a self-sufficient micro-organism and nucleus containing a broad array of nutrients and health benefits.

Chlorella, like Spirulina and Blue-Green algae, helps to deliver the most complete nutrition to the body but it also offer an amazing array of balancing and healing benefits, and in particular unique detoxifying and immune stimulation properties. Such properties are invaluable as they respond perfectly to the challenges we face today when it comes to giving our body sound nutrition and to stay healthy!

Japanese had the smarts to understand the wonder of this particular microalga, which has been more popular than vitamin C for decades in Japan! Since the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, it appears that Chlorella is even more sought after than ever before, due to its radiation detoxification abilities. And in some hospitals in Asia, Chlorella is used in conjunction with cancer conventional medical therapies such as chemo.

As “the Queen of Nutraceuticals”*, a good quality Chlorella, unlike some herbs or most current health and wellness trends that could be short-lived, has extensively PROVEN to be one of the SAFEST and HEALTHIEST WHOLE FOODS available, with NUTRITION unparalleled to none!
Renowned (now deceased) Dr. Bernard Jensen, Ph.D. was never shy to highly praise Chlorella! Among the few books that he wrote to honor this exceptional microalgae, his book “CHLORELLA, JEWEL OF THE FAR EAST” views Chlorella as “A Food Algae for a Nutritionally-Hungry World”, and as “The Ultimate In Nutritional Excellence. Extending a Helping Hand for greater self-help health care and the pursuit of happiness!”

Dr. Mark Drucker. M.D, is another author exalted by Chlorella as he calls it “The Key to Health, Vitality and Longevity” and “The whole food supplement that is nature’s answer for today’s most perplexing health problems.”

If you are impressed by these powerful words and description about Chlorella, please review our site in depth to find out more about the valid reasons about why Chlorella has received and receives so much acclaim! And do yourself a favor, say “YES!” to the preserved goodness of microalgae, order your best quality Chlorella now!