Chlorella is an extra-ordinary health plant, probably the most powerful alga, a “green-hulk” superfood, and a perfect dietary supplement for our challenging times!

In Short, What is Chlorella?

Chlorella (a microscopic, single-celled green microalgae that has existed on Earth for 2.5 billion years) has survived through millions of years of planetariums and global change.

Dinosaurs existed long before the Cambrian period, when Chlorella existed in the same form. It is amazing to think that Chlorella survived through all of the earth’s changes over millions of years, through planetary and atmospheric shifts, dramatic transformations, creations, and extinctions of thousands of distinct species and forms of life, “taking it all.”

What is Chlorella exactly, you might wonder?

Chlorella is a healthful, dietary supplement. It is defined as a dietary supplement, a seaweed, an alga, a plant, or a dietary supplement. However, it is all of these things (except it is not seaweed but fresh water algae).

But it wouldn’t give justice to Chlorella to confine it to just those simple terms, even if we added that it is “an extra-ordinary health plant, probably the most powerful alga, a “green-hulk” superfood, and a perfect dietary supplement for our challenging times!”

Indeed, discovering and experiencing what Chlorella truly is might pay off big time down the road, as it may be extremely valuable for YOUR health!

Chlorella is a powerful micro alga on Earth since pre-cambrian times.

What make Chlorella Stand Out?

Chlorella’s amazing resistance and survival abilities stand out among the many wonderful features it offers.

As we’ve already mentioned, the alga Chlorella is especially known for its remarkable survival and resistance traits.

How can it be so resistant? Its tough, unique cell wall protects its contents without fear, as well as its capacity to reproduce on ‘steroids,’ allowing it to multiply four times in 24 hours, thanks to photosynthesis, the only plant that can multiply four times in 24 hours.


And how “tough” is Chlorella? Well, for about the first billion years of the earth’s existence, deadly gases such as ammonia, methane and carbon dioxide made its atmosphere heavy.

And from the onset of the evolution of Earth, “primitive” green plants, such as Chlorella had the role to filter out these deadly elements, and to participate to change the Earth’s environment to one capable of supporting flora (plants) and fauna (animals).

The fact that Chlorella is a plant that carries a DNA that holds the sparks of the planet’s origin is indeed quite fascinating in itself, don’t you think?

Chlorella is a true survivor, it is the first cell form and plant to contain a true nucleus within its nuclear envelope.

One of the explanations of why Chlorella is so resilient is because its core cell is complete. As a matter of fact, it is staggering to realize that Chlorella was the first cell form to contain a true nucleus within its nuclear envelope.

Its cell wall is like a super fortress that contributes to make Chlorella incredibly resistant to all changes of environmental conditions, and to any attacks by other organisms. In fact, it seems to have been invincible up until now!

Decades of Scientific Research Show Most Impressive Qualities

Did you know that the green alga Chlorella is the plant that contains the highest known source of chlorophyll, and did you know that 70 percent to 80 percent of ALL the oxygen we breathe on Earth comes from algae?

In fact, Chlorella means green from “chlor” and small from “ella”. However, don’t get fooled, this “small green” alga is in fact the Queen of super foods, loaded with health benefits and medicinal qualities!

Thanks to a Dutch biologist, Beyerinck, this edible medicinal micro alga was first discovered in the late 1800’s. From then, extensive studies have found what Chlorella is and how it can help human kind in numerous ways.


For over 70 years, Chlorella has fascinated researchers from around the world and inspired thousands of scientific papers from universities, medical organisations, and scientists, who have published numerous articles on its nutritional and medical benefits; the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), ISO 9002 quality standards, FGMP certifications, and CASJAS certifications are among the many organisations that have recognised its value.

Chlorella has generated more scientific and medical interest than any other alga! It has been studied by some of the most prestigious institutions, such as the Rockefeller Foundation, the Carnegie Institute, the Pasteur Institute, and NASA, in addition to being the target of medical research in the USA, Japan, the USSR, Germany, France, and England. Because of its health and medicinal benefits, Chlorella is a queen of superfoods.

Chlorella is the Queen of super foods, loaded with health benefits and medicinal qualities

As a matter of fact, for the use of astronauts traveling into space, researchers from NASA have investigated the fact that Chlorella is so complete that one could survive with it for long periods of time, validating the amazing survival qualities of this green superfood.

And because Chlorella has been found to contain over 50% protein, German scientists during World Wars I and II studied it very closely as a possible way to alleviate food shortages.

Chlorella’s uniqueness lies in the fact that scientists discovered that it not only provides adequate protein and chlorophyll, but also provides a wide variety of nutrients such as multi vitamins, amino acids, minerals, nucleic acids, CGF, enzymes, dietary fibre, and many other nutrients needed for optimal nutrition.

During post-war food shortages in Japan, Dr. Tamiya collected and developed Chlorella in order to create one of the world’s best whole foods. During the 1950’s, the Carnegie Institute in Washington picked up where German scientists left off and was able to produce Chlorella in large quantities.

The wonder food might be able to solve the world’s hunger problem, they thought. However, until the 1970s, Chlorella was only available to the general public when a patented method that made it digestible was created.

As animals are fed with Chlorella, they live longer, on average around two years longer than the typical lifespan. In Japan, a lot of doctors provide Chlorella as a health and nutrition supplement to their patients in hospital.

Chlorella, referred to more as a nutraceutical food rather than as a nutritional & health food supplement, has become so popular in Japan that it has dominated vitamin C. Chlorella has been a popular Japanese health food for decades, and the Japanese still love it. Chlorella is utilized in breads, noodles, skin care products, and much more.

For many decades now, millions of Japanese understand and love what Chlorella is, and have elected it as one of their most popular health foods that they incorporate lavishly in breads, noodles, skin creams and more… And from the growing concerns of industrial and environmental pollution, and the real dangers of radiation the Japanese are facing, Chlorella is more popular there than ever.

Experience Chlorella And ALL It May Do For YOU

Unlike Japan or the rest of the Orient, where algae have been used for centuries, despite over half-century of research, the popularity of this wonder food in the West is still fairly recent and yet remain to be much more widely experienced for its astounding healing, nutritional, detoxification, anti-inflammatory and nutritive properties.

But you don’t have to be left out, you too can experience smart natural health; discover ALL the profound nutritional and health benefits Chlorella can offer, and make it become part of your household protocol!

You will find a two-billion-year old friend backed-up with decades of scientific studies and testimonials.

Feel the energy and the positive changes, and unlike other herbs or fads that have been temporary, you might elect to have an excellent quality Chlorella become a vital part of your daily health food regimen!

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