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Are you ready to gain knowledge and great value from natural health products and dietary supplements that could make dramatic improvements in your life?

We believe that health advantage and a healthier lifestyle do indeed really matter nowadays, more so than ever before!

Why? Because our body, mind and soul are constantly facing multiple assailants, and most of them are invisible (such as pollutants, EMFs, stress, etc), and we have no awareness of it or very little. Besides, we get too busy in the swirl of modern times to take the time to be mindful or as mindful as we wish to be….

The soils that grow our grains, fruits and vegetables, the quality of the foods & water we ingest, the quality of the air we breathe, are all heavily compromised or at best questionable today.

Most of us start to realize that the majority of what is offered in the grocery stores is highly processed and/or contain chemicals, heavy metals and unnatural toxins that are not beneficial for the human body.

Indeed, more and more people are getting seriously ill, including children, and at younger ages than ever before, or even right from birth. Health issues are growing; paradoxically it seems, considering the advances of modern medicine.

But it is not only degenerative diseases, such as IBS, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, fibromyalgia, etc., that are plaguing modern society at large, but allergies, skin problems, lack of energy, lack of motivation, lack of focus, brain fog, general fatigue, depression, stress, etc. are all conditions that are seeping insidiously through the landscape of people’s everyday life.

How does your road look like

Actually, most believe that these disorders are an accepted and inherent part of what we have to unfortunately face in todays’ life or through aging… Sadly, many people indeed learn to live and cope with their pain, and become even desensitized to it, not realizing the consequences it might have on their overall future health.

However, more and more of us realize that we can take responsibility of our own health and make changes to not only avoid suffering through aches, pains and serious illnesses, but that we can also thrive with a light footstep at any age!

You can create your own health with the proper tools.

For that purpose, we need first to go back to Mother Nature and to the roots of who we are, and of what our body truly needs.

Today thankfully, modern technologies allow us to have access to the natural wonders of the whole world, and to quality dietary supplements to palliate the deficiencies of “regular foods”.

And this is where the confusion arises.

What dietary supplements to you need to take?

They are an ocean of them, and so much contradictory information…

It is time-consuming and it can make your head spin!

Besides, you hear more and more that an increasing number of health food and dietary supplements are not so healthy anymore, and that their quality is questionable. Some could even be harmful to health.

More and more people say that they don’t really notice much of anything, and have tried cupboards full of new fad supplements.

It is probably due to the lack of vitality or of the life force (Chi, Qi, Prana) of these supplements. Do you believe like us that we are energy beings? Then you understand that any food that has a low vibration or life force cannot do much for your level of vitality and energy…

It can get discouraging and expensive, and some people stop trying, choosing to live with their pain instead.

However, this is not a good thing for the body, mind and soul and, unattended this choice could be costly for the future of their health and the quality of their life altogether.

Confused by dietary supplements

Pain, inflammation and degeneration will it eventually set in, and advance over time if not taking care of…

This is why an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure as they say!

The question is, how do we do that effectively?

The good news is that to be healthier does not have to be necessarily time consuming or overwhelming!

Out of concern for the pressing health challenges and lack of time that we all face, at, we have constantly researched a comprehensive, yet simple health formula based on high vibratory nutritional supplements and multi-dimensional health products that could target all essential pillars of health in a broad spectrum, economical and rapid way , that we use and enjoy ourselves daily.

We wanted it to be easy to love ourselves into health and we hope that this is what you will find as well…

We have centered the foundation of the dietary supplements we offer on two of Nature’s most perfect wonder and whole foods, Chlorella and the most complete source of EPA-DHA-DPA Omega 3.

Our dietary supplements are not trying to duplicate any phytochemicals or other molecules from nature as they are themselves direct whole-food sources.

We believe that the large span of health benefits these high quality dietary supplements may bring, and the properties of what they offer are a perfect fit and complement to a busy and nutritionally challenged lifestyle for anyone, including children and pets, and at any level of health.

As a matter of fact, the outstanding quality of Bio+ Chlorella® and Bio+ MEGA3® is the landmark chosen by eclectic retailers, health professionals and consumers alike, worldwide, who choose and understand the superior value and benefits these dietary supplements may offer.

Backed by a mountain of scientific research–and proven results for thousands of users worldwide, Chlorella and a complete source of Omega-3 have shown for decades to be raw and living foods that benefit the human health at multi-levels.

And because they supply the body with an incredible wide spectrum of essential nutrients and health benefits, we believe that they allow results in less time & efforts, through the power of a simple but super cost-effective natural dietary supplementation!

So, if you feel like many people that:

  • Today achieving optimum nutrition and a healthier lifestyle is daunting…
  • You are confused by the sea of information on health products out there…
  • You are challenged by the dedication balanced-living takes to follow-up…
  • You are tired of taking 20 supplements per day…
  • You are frustrated of not noticing which ones are working…
  • You feel you are throwing money “down the toilets”…
  • You wish to find nutritional supplements that really make you feel better…

Biomega and Biochlorella bottle

Then, you might just have found the right place!

Our “Simplistic Optimal Health” approach will empower your freedom of living so you can easily love yourself into health!

We have cherry picked, through oodles of research, the enormous powers of complementary and 100% natural health dietary supplements that boast the wonders of Nature in most needed arenas of health (complete nutrition, detoxification, immune stimulation at the cellular level) to get you results faster and easily!

Take advantage from the health benefits of our high-vibration premium 100% pure chlorella, Bio+ Chlorella®, and of our complete Omega-3, Bio+ MEGA3®, with EPA-DHA-DPA!

As a matter of fact: 

  • They may support critical cornerstones of optimum nutrition…    
  • Their high vibration and energy fields reflect high life force for maximum cell absorption…
  • They may encourage homeostasis of the body…
  • They may respond to crucial cellular needs…

Improve your Health

  • They may address major roots of diseases, as validated by studies…
  • They naturally and intrinsically offer the body an outstanding range of nutritional and health benefits
  • They are healthy habits that could easily fit into a busy lifestyle…
  • They are some of the most studied nutritional foods on the planet.

Today, the need for optimum nutrition is crucial. More than ever before, degenerative diseases, obesity, stress and aging-related symptoms are slowly but surely creeping up on us to threaten our health values and to disrupt our well-being.

Malnutrition, lack of exercise, internal pollution and the anxiety brought by modern life are the main catalysts that slowly lead us to the suffering of any or all of the above conditions.

We know we need to do something to shake off the lack of energy and to improve the aches and pains that affect us more and more frequently, but life gets busy….

We feel overwhelmed, we have no time to exercise, we do not remember all the health products we are supposed to take… Stress, conveniences are taking over, taking a little bit more toll on our health….and we feel continuously more tired…

Now, improving your health won’t have to be as complicated or time consuming!

Well-being, absence of aches and pain, longevity, quality of life, more quality time spent with loved ones, health care cost reduction are important concepts for most of us, aren’t they for you?

Yes, it can be easy and functional to feel good and vibrant again! 

Find out more by perusing the info we have for you in this site, Thank You.