This is the best supplement that I ever had. I recommend it to my friends, my students and my family, they all love it.

Fanny Yuen


I am extremely pleased with the Bio+Mega 3. The doctors told my son that he had damaged his liver and his kidneys from taking too many OTC medicine. The marker for his liver was 300 and now it is down to 15 which indicates a healthy liver, and for that I credit Bio+Mega 3 and Bio+ Chlorella.

I really do fell that health is the number one priority and that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. As who wants to be ill? As most of the time the symptoms are treated and the root cause of the disease is never addressed.

I really feel that every family should reap the benefits from Bio+ Sources’ Chlorella and bio-omega3. There would be less reliance on the medical community as everyone should take responsibility for their own health. The doctors do not take too many courses in nutrition and they would rather you come back time and time again as repeat business is what their practice is based upon – not making anyone well.

I do not mean to demean allopathic doctors as they mean well. I have a relative that is going to a naturopath that costs $500.00 an hour and they are taking 17 supplements all of which range from Vitamin B6 & B12 and every mineral. They were convinced that they could get every vitamin and mineral from the food that they ate.
Now it is said that in all of the soils worldwide are badly depleted and everyone has to supplement their food to make that the body operates in a superior manner. Like a body that is not deficient in any of what it needs to operate like it was designed to do.

My family does extremely well on the Bio+ Chlorella and the Bio+ omega 3’s. I wish everyone knew about it. as it does provide excellent health on a shoestring. What I mean by that is it is economical.
As I have read the Japanese royal family consumes that same quality as bio+ chlorella.

Thanx a lot for your excellent products.



I am 59 years old and I live in California.
My introduction to Bio+ Chlorella started when my brother shared stories of his bouts of horrible heartburn, especially when he would play hockey. His heartburn went on for months. He tried everything, seeing doctors, getting scans, pills, nothing worked. Then he found out about Bio+ Chlorella and told me how it changed his life. He sent me a couple of bottles of Bio+ Chlorella and some Omega-3’s to try. I had been telling him I was suffering from fatigue and brain fog.

At the time, I was feeling tired every day, I had no energy and was somewhat “foggy”. For instance, I would type something and abruptly have to stop to try and remember what I was going to type. I would be talking and in mid-sentence stop and search for a certain word. I attributed my tiredness to my diabetes (I have Type II diabetes). My brain just always felt like it was in slow motion. Also, I had been suffering from constipation and heartburn off and on and was having trouble sleeping through the night. The heartburn sometimes was unbearable and had me up in the recliner in the middle of the night to try and get some relief. This had been going on for months.

When I received the Bio+ Chlorella from my brother, I started taking 4 tablets a day for several days and then upped to 8 tablets a day, and then eventually to 12 tablets a day. I noticed within days of taking Bio+ Chlorella and Omega-3’s that I seemed to have less brain fog, it seemed to be dissipating. At first, I thought it was just my imagination. After several weeks, I knew it was Bio+ Chlorella that was doing it because I felt great and had way more energy. I hadn’t felt that great in a long while. I was sleeping through the night, wide awake during the day and alert. I had no brain fog, and interestingly enough, no constipation or heartburn. I noticed gradually that I was beginning to be more regular than I had been in a long time.

I also heard about the benefits of taking Bio+ Chlorella as a detox to the dangerous chemicals which are being sprayed on us via chemtrails (we are sprayed almost every week now in California). Currently, chemtrails are seen world-wide and people need to be made aware that we must detox from these dangerous chemical pollutants. I often wondered if my fatigue was caused by this very factor.

Overall, I must say, I am very impressed with Bio+ Chlorella and the results I have seen in my brother’s life and my own life. I highly recommend it to others. I have mentioned Bio+ Chlorella to several of my friends and family members and have encouraged them to try it and see for themselves what it can do for them.

I want to thank Bio+ Sources for changing my life and helping me with my overall health.

Linda Smith


Being born into a medical family I always thought the advances in science and medicine was to help mankind reach and sustain a better life through better nutrition, medical diagnosis and effective treatment/s. With this being the expected performance, why are we surrounded by increasing numbers of people afflicted with medical issues that remain unresolved and also remain undiagnosed in some cases for decades?

I believe that scientists are naturally curious, and through their curiosity have made huge discoveries that can be classed as” good ” ( solar power ) or” bad” (GMO foods ) .

It is my belief that through misleading reports, careful tactful and misleading advertising, the consumer is being led down a very poisonous path and to an early grave. This is not very difficult to assume as most of our daily news is “filtered” and “strategically positioned by the “powers that be”….
What I have also observed on the internet is the proliferation of misleading medical and scientific information, usually fueled by institutions with far reaching financial, to influence or even brain washed the untrained and unaware.

Such is the information withheld from the public regarding soda pop for example… as exposed in this article titled:
Low calorie soft drinks help people to eat more healthily

What is shocking is the fact that The dangers of aspartame poisoning have been a well-guarded secret since the 1980s. The research and history of aspartame is conclusive as a cause of illness and toxic reactions in the human body. Aspartame is a dangerous chemical food additive, and its use during pregnancy and by children is one of the greatest modern tragedies of all. Many have suffered grave consequences….

The “Diet” industry as a whole is worth trillions of American dollars to corporations, and they want to protect their profits by keeping the truth behind aspartame’s dangers hidden from the public.

As a normal human being , I can indulge in foods that I know are fattening , in cakes that are full of sugar , in beer and wine that get me drunk if I am careless… all actions that most of us have done on many an occasion and , recovering from the side effects, vow to “never do it again” and “carrying on “…
However we don’t realize that the “side effects” of our actions has been engineered well in advance to cause long term negative effects on our bodies, and we don’t realize that the sugars and multiple of the ingredients utilized are all genetically modified and contribute to stimulate the growth of tumors and cancers.

I am 58, and for the last two years I was told of an elevated PSA count in my blood and was consequently subjected to doctors probing my prostate 12 times through a biopsy. My diagnosis last October was “inconclusive” and I was told by my doctor to REPEAT the invasive medical biopsy was a necessary process!

This directed me to undertake extensive investigation of different procedures and reading many reports discussing the benefits and flaws in the biopsy world.

Many reports researched and published within North America “parroted” the “same old same old” and recommended invasive biopsies and surgeries.. … but the most recent reports .. from outside North America ,, published actual “CURES” for many different cancers ( melanoma/ prostrate/ cervical / breast .. and many more ) . PLEASE SEE :

My research led me to believe that corporations involved in food genetics for the betterment of mankind in their research have discovered negative side effects that may have been deemed “acceptable collateral damage” in the never ending goal for making money for their shareholders.

Genetically Modified foods have been banned in many parts of the world except North America … why? Very simply put , I believe that, based on the research and data, IT’S NOT HEALTHY FOR YOU !” In fact pretty dangerous over the long term use, yet many of the adds continue to promote misleading information that they are beneficial to consume while disputing evidence concludes otherwise.

Many kinds of synthetic ingredients are being substituted from the natural form as they are becoming cheaper to manufacture and some have longer shelf life; but our bodies cannot process all of these laboratory designed chemicals and react by forming tumors and cancers.

Speaking ONLY for myself and to my undiagnosed medical tests I had to find a way to counter the negative effects of my biopsies which also caused the scaring in itself to pose further medical issues.

I now understand that the medical system has standard program in place when one had elevated PSA readings ( without considering alternative noninvasive solutions…well why not??

Here is my solution to this incredible health journey and it is working for me; it’s not 100% but wow what a change in my health! !
I have been taking Bio+ Chlorella (5 x 200mg or 5 tablets) twice daily, (2000mg) for about 11 months.

Working in the construction trade, my body is constantly subject to injury and abuse., As time is money, I can’t afford a lot of down time.
What I have noticed since taking Bio+ Chlorella is that my pain tolerance has increased, ditto for my recovery from injury, my muscle pain has significantly decreased and my complexion and overall physique has taken on a younger look. I now feel Great!

My co-workers of 12 years and many friends (of 30+ years) cannot understand why I am both looking 10 years younger and stronger. After long explanations to them about the poisons in our foods and the benefits of Bio+ Chlorella, many have now ordered and started their own regiment with positive results. One 70+ year old client of mine is taking 15 tablets daily and I could not believe that since then she has transformed into a real “energizer bunny “!!!

On a very personal side, another unexpected side-effect of taking Bio+Chlorella is that I have been experiencing stronger erections and that, as a man, this has raised not only my confidence level , but all aspects of my life have a more positive energy, without any of the damaging side effects of Viagra and other ED type drugs (
If for nothing else, I believe that all men should try Bio+ Chlorella and see what happens….

Bio+ Chlorella has vastly improved my health, and as such, has also improved the world around me and I have full confidence that it will also have some degree of benefit to all who take it.

Joe Sunis
Hamilton, ON


I am Lynn and I reside on Vancouver Island. I have known about chlorella and spirilina for about ten years. I only got serious
about taking them both about five years ago. I lived overseas in Singapore and KL.. I generally took Red Sun which was from
Japan. My research has shown me that Bio Sources’ bio+ chlorella and the omega 3’s have a vital life source which cannot be
equaled by any other source.

I am 62.5 and feel like I am 25. I have no aches and no cellulite anywhere on my body, although I do have a bit of a mommy
tummy which I can work off but I feel that it is time to take things rather easy. I used to have the heartburn and I thought I was
having a heart attack but I took probiotics such as acidophilus when I noticed heart burn and that cleared it up instantly.
Lately I have noticed that I do not even have to take those anymore.

I am taking a balanced dose of 10 bio+ chlorella and 8 seal oils 2X a day and I have noticed that I have a great calm about me
and nothing seems to rattle me although I used to smoke in times of stress but I have given that up also as I have that bio+
chlorella has the same effect that a smoke does on the system – as it raises good endorphins.

I slammed a door on my finger and was told that the nail would fall off and I would be in great pain. To this date nothing has
happened and my nail shows like it is normal.

My son was diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic and I have been giving bio+ chlorella once in while and then I had to take him to
the hospital where they diagnosed a cracked rib. They took urine and blood samples and were amazed as before he had
kidney and liver damage from too much OTC medicine and now they said there was no damage at all. So that really shows
the truth there about the vital life source of bio+ chlorella.

I take bio+ chlorella everyday and my whole family is on it and I can’t imagine being with without it both the chlorella and the
omega3’s. Thank you very much for creating such a vital energy product.


I am a female in my mid-thirties and I work at a health food store in the GTA. After receiving a product training about Bio+ Chlorella, we learned about the many health benefits the chlorella plant gives and about the exceptional energy of Bio+ Chlorella.
Among the benefits, we learned that it has been shown scientifically that if someone takes a few grams of chlorella before drinking alcohol, it should prevent a hangover.

It so happened that recently three other girlfriends and I were scheduled to celebrate a “girls’ reunion party”. Since we had so much to catch up on, I was anticipating it was going to be a long enjoyable evening with few cocktails to celebrate our long awaited reunion, so remembering what we learned, I thought I would give Bio+ Chlorella a try …

I told my girlfriends that chlorella is supposed to help avoid hangovers and since we had nothing to lose, we decided “why not give it a try?” We only took 2 to 4 tablets each of the Bio+ Chlorella product prior to starting drinking.

We thoroughly enjoyed our late evening and it was a fantastic party but to be honest we had quite a bit to drink! However, we were really surprised the following day that no one had any signs of hangover, not even a headache or migraine! That is very unusual compared to what I would have usually felt, and my girlfriends thought the same. It was so cool to be able to NOT pay the price the next day, and to think that we also protected our liver from toxic injury before diving into the evening!

So we experienced that what we were told about chlorella and alcohol hangover prevention was really true in that sense, even after just taking a few tablets. However, I later discovered that, based on the scientific studies we were told about, usually one would need to take 4 to 6 g before drinking alcohol. But we had taken only 2-4 tablets of Bio+ Chlorella each, equating to less than one gram! Pretty amazing!

The other staff and I witnessed a few times already that this chlorella brand is way stronger than other ones or other whole food greens when doing applied kinesiology energy testing. Anyway, after that night my 3 girlfriends ordered a bottle each and we are looking forward to see what else we’ll notice since clients who buy it seem pretty happy and pleased with this great green health product!


To read my testimony is crucial for anyone who is experiencing heartburn in their lives right now. Please read the entire testimony. I know it is a little long, but if you suffer from heartburn like I did, this will be the most important information you can ever read when it comes to you completely eliminating your heartburn forever!! For me it has been absolutely life changing!!

I absolutely have to write a glowing testimonial for the Bio+ Chlorella product I have been taking now for several months. The reason I am so enamoured with this product is multi-fold and explained herewith.

I am a 55 year old male. A few months back I started experiencing severe heartburn after playing in my Adult Men’s hockey league. I never had heartburn before not even after eating, but all of a sudden after every game I was suffering from extreme heartburn. It got to the point that I was getting heartburn after every single game and it seemed to be getting worse, many times keeping me up all night with the severe pain.

I can’t even describe the pain I was going through. Several times I questioned myself if I was actually having a heart attack instead of it just being heartburn. The consistent pain made it impossible for me to lie down and least of all, get any sleep. Hence I was totally exhausted the next day. The funny thing is that I never got this heartburn after eating. I only experienced it after playing hockey or after exertion. This heartburn came out of the blue and it was apparent that it was not going to go away on its own.
After hockey I would try taking Tums for some relief but that didn’t help at all. I went on the Internet to see if there was something I could take to relieve the intense pain and found a few recommended solutions. I was so desperate that I tried them all. Lemon with water, apple cider vinegar, a spoonful of baking soda, chewing gum, eating bananas, taking mustard, eating almonds, drinking tea and simply keeping my head elevated. None of these suggestions worked whatsoever!

I made an appointment to see my doctor and he was very concerned with what I was telling him especially since I only experienced heartburn after exertion. The first thing he did (which it seems all doctors do today), was to prescribe some medication called Tecta to relieve the heartburn. I had to take 2 tablets every day.

My doctor also surmised that it could have something to do with my heart and immediately referred me for heart monitoring and accompanying stress test. He also warned me against playing any hockey until I got back some results from the stress test. With the earliest stress test a few weeks away, I was depressed because I am an avid hockey player and love to play several times a week. It is my release and my outlet for exercise and source of comradery with all my friends and teammates.

I consider myself to be in pretty good shape for my age and I still play hockey in a very competitive adult league (ages 35 and up). I also still play in 2 other leagues where guys are half my age and I am fortunate enough to still hold my own and be an impact player. That is the reason I thought it was weird that it could be something to do with my heart because when I am playing hockey I have no discomfort or signs of breathlessness or anything like that. The heartburn only comes after.

So the day of the stress test finally arrives and they hook me up to the monitors and do some ultrasound on my chest that actually allows me to watch my heart pumping from different angles on the computer monitor. Then when this test is over, away I go on the treadmill starting off walking slowly, then increasing up to the max with a good sprint pace, all the while hooked up to monitors.

The doctor on duty who was monitoring me kept asking if I was experiencing any pain or heartburn while I was on the treadmill and I told her no I was fine. I did however once again get heartburn a few hours after being on the treadmill. Saying that, I completed the test quite easily and had to wait several more weeks for the results. Again more time away from hockey, the sport I love to play several times a week!

Finally they called me to come in for the results and to my delight they informed me that my heart is fine and they can see nothing wrong with my heart whatsoever. So back to my family doctor I go and now he refers me to get a scope of my stomach. All the while I am waiting on the scope appointment I am now taking the prescribed Tecta medication to see if that is going to help make the heartburn go away.

Once again, it would take several more weeks to get an appointment for the scope. While waiting for the scope I would exercise on my elliptical workout machine in my basement since I was not able to play hockey and unfortunately, every time after my workout I would get the heartburn shortly after. All the while I was taking the prescription drug Tecta that the doctor prescribed for me and it was doing absolutely nothing to rid me of the heartburn.

The day finally comes for my scope and it is necessary to be put totally under to have the procedure. After you are asleep it takes about 5 minutes for the actual scope. Approximately one hour later I was up and ready to leave. A few weeks later I go back to get my results for the stomach scope and I am talking to the doctor and he is looking at my results and has this puzzled look on his face. He looks up at me and says “I can’t see anything wrong with you and I am not sure why you are getting heartburn”. He tells me that I could have what is called Functional Dyspepsia but even he didn’t seem quite sure of that.

I looked up functional dyspepsia on the Internet and learned that doctors are not able to find a cause for functional dyspepsia in most people. It has something to do with having too much acid in your body. I could have told you that without having to go for a stress test and a scope. Wow!

So what was the doctor’s recommendation for me? He told me that my best bet would be to purchase some Zantac which is over the counter medication for relieving heartburn. Zantac was probably the only thing I didn’t try yet so I bought some right away and took some tablets right after I started to get the heartburn. Again, to my dismay it did absolutely nothing for me!

Needless to say, I was very disappointed because after all these tests I was no closer to finding any relief and/or reasons for why I was experiencing such intense heartburn after exertion. To be honest, I was bordering on being depressed from being no further ahead and having no direction on where to go for relief.

It was just around this time that a miracle happened in my life. My company sells discounted shipping services to other companies and I picked up this new customer called Bio-Sources who were interested to save money on shipping all their products to their customers. It was then that I spoke with this charming and eloquent lady named Isabelle. I called her to introduce myself and to see if she had any questions regarding our service. It was then that I asked her more about the products and services of the company. I was intrigued because she was informing me that they sold unique supplements that could help detoxify the body as well as manifest many other positive results. I told her about my complete heartburn saga and she told me heartburn was a symptom and a sign of things that are not right in your body. Too much acidity that is being caused by any number of things but namely, foods, drink and lifestyle.

This very charismatic and passionate lady confidently thought that her unique supplement called Bio+ Chlorella could definitely help me to get rid of my heartburn. To be honest I was very skeptical but at the same time, I was also very desperate along with the fact I had tried absolutely every possible solution that is recommended by mainstream society. I got the sense that Isabelle was not just trying to sell her products but that she actually cared about the good health of her clients. Her calming voice and experience in her trade gave me some assurance that perhaps, just perhaps this could be the answer for what I was looking for. I thought why not give it a shot? I have nothing to lose. Hence I placed an order for her Bio+ Chlorella product.

She instructed me to take 4 tablets a day at the start and then increase to more in a few days because some people may experience bloating or diarrhea because of the detoxification process. I never experienced any problems whatsoever so I quickly increased my dosage to 6 tablets after a few days, then to 8, and then up to 15 tablets a day (the recommended daily dosage).

Isabelle told me to expect a few days for Bio+ Chlorella to get into my system and start to make an impact on the body. After one week of taking the Chlorella I was still having the heartburn. However on just the second week of taking Bio+ Chlorella, I did a strenuous workout on my elliptical machine and waited for the dreaded heartburn to kick in. Low and behold to my utter surprise, no heartburn ever materialized! This was the first time in several months that I never experienced heartburn after exertion! Was it just a fluke?

Eager to test my body after exertion again, I had another strenuous workout in my basement the next day and once again there was absolutely no heartburn. Not even a trace! This excited me to no end and spurred me on to resume playing my hockey which would be the bigger test for me.

After playing in my first hockey game in several months, I waited for the dreaded heartburn to take me over as it always had done before, however to my amazement, it never came. I felt 100% normal. I went on to play 2 more times that week and the results we the same, absolutely no heartburn after any of those games!

To me this was like a miracle and it gave me my life back. What the doctors and medicine couldn’t accomplish, Bio+ Chlorella was the only thing that could actually cure me of my debilitating heartburn.

Now after playing hockey at least 3 times per week for the last few months I am still proud and overjoyed to report that I am now heartburn free! I owe this all to Isabelle and their wondrous Bio+ Chlorella product. I simply cannot thank her enough and I am eternally grateful.

Bio+ Chlorella has enabled me to stop taking dangerous medications that the doctors have prescribed me that would have manifested in various serious side effects over time. Coupled with the fact that these medications don’t even work, it is comforting for me to know that replacing these medications with a 100% all natural solution is a no brainer for me.

I also want people to know that amazingly, eliminating my heartburn is not the only incredible benefit that I derive from taking Chlorella. If that was the only blessing I received, I would still be overjoyed but that is just one of the many benefits I have experienced.
Here are some of the other fantastic things that have changed for me since taking Bio+ Chlorella:

• Increased energy throughout the day. I used to feel lethargic half way through the day, now I feel refreshed and energetic all through the day. I have noticed how this has helped me with increased energy when I am playing competitive hockey and how it has totally enhanced my play. There are no more reasons to feel like you have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I am absolutely convinced that Bio+ Chlorella will help everyone in this regard.

• My ability to concentrate has gone through the roof and my mental clarity is the best that it has ever been! This is something that is incredibly obvious to you once have taken the product. It is almost as if you can feel the cleansing in your body and mind. There are so many toxins that are robbing us of our ability to experience natural body functions that are unfortunately now being compromised. Bio+ Chlorella gives this back to you. It is absolutely incredible!

• My cravings for snacks have diminished.

There are a host of other benefits that can be derived from taking Bio+ Chlorella and you can read about them on the site but those were the top ones for me.

I am not one to write testimonials however I just had to write this one because of the major impact that it had on my own life. I have been recommending Bio+ Chlorella to all my friends and family because I believe in it so much.

Just as a note, I have also started to take another one of their products called Bio+ Mega3. It was not necessary for me to take Omega 3 to get rid of my heartburn but I was recommended that taking the two supplements together is a potent combination to enhance your health. Since taking the two products together I see a major improvement in my energy and overall health. I challenge anyone to try these products to see what a difference it makes in your own life.

At the end of the day, I just want to help others who might also be suffering from heartburn. I know how devastating this can be. This can be your answer too! I fully endorse this product 100%. If anyone wants to speak to me in person about my experience I would be more than willing to speak to you. You can reach me below.

Bio-Sources is the real deal and a real hidden gem. I have all the confidence that you will change your life too just like I did.

Rick Wray


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Gabriel about Bio+ Chlorella and Libido Testimonial