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Have you ever consider the long term effects of the differences it could have on your health if you feed your body with foods that can provide the right amount of nutrition it truly needs, versus eating foods that do not guarantee you any health benefits, or even worse that most probably tax your body?

In fact, the burden of accumulating dead foods or harmful ones within the body is often what most people do, and at a level they do not realize, and should be taken very seriously and assessed regularly for our own sake! For this can literally make you or brake you over time…

Actually, these very common 16 Cancer Causing Foods You Should Never Eat are a small illustration of the long list of “dangerous foods’ that could tax your health insidiously, if you are not mindful and conscientious about watching what you put inside your mouth and body-temple!

How about considering to add to your health regimen a food that contains enough essential natural ingredients to make it a Superfood, while it also helps to cleanse or lessen the negative factors left by “common foods” -such as pesticides, heavy metals, radiation, chemicals, and other toxins- and that can gift us Mother Nature’s natural and extensive way of healing our body?

For that effect, let’s review how Chlorella, as a Superfood, can be of immense service to the body for health, particularly during times of chaos or survival like today, when the body naturally tends to revert back to natural sources and its origins as it is seeking for added balance, healing and strength.

But what makes Chlorella different from other superfoods?

According to Dr. Jensen B. of Chlorella, Jewel of the Far East, Chlorella is a food, and a perfect one, not a medicine.

Yet, its exceptionally rich composition in vital nutrients, its complete autarchy as a single cell plant and self-reliant system, its robust DNA & RNA holding the spark of the Earth with an unbeatable survival and reproduction capacities in the plants’ world, as well as other healing and detoxifying qualities make this powerful micro-alga a superfood of choice and of great wisdom.
Indeed, Chlorella is gifted with extensive nutraceutical, balancing and healing properties that may greatly help us amid the numerous health challenges that we must face and cope with, in our modern times.

Pixabay Image 805436Then, there is the mysterious C.G.F (Chlorella Growth Factor) that has puzzled (and still does) numerous scientists, and as Dr. Jensen noted, many have run to find out what biologically active substances are in C.G.F and what these substances do, singly and in combination, to explain the “miraculous” effects and properties observed on both animals and humans during decades of studies!

And we must realize that the reason why many scientists have been putting so much time and efforts into investigating Chlorella and C.G.F is because there is already much proof that Chlorella and CGF, even in relatively small amounts, stimulate growth, tissue repair and healing to an extent not found in any other food.

“I feel that chlorella’s main contribution to the body’s natural defense system is its beneficial supportive effects on so many of the organs and systems, especially the immune system and eliminative channels.” In 1957, Dr. Tadechi and his associates in Japan found that Chlorella promoted rapid growth of lactobacillus, one of the bacteria that promote colon health.

They also found that the high level of chlorophyll in Chlorella helps to keep the bowel clean, while the tough cellulose membrane of Chlorella (which is not digested) binds to poisons and heavy metals like cadmium, lead, mercury and other heavy metals to carry them out of the body. And that CGF stimulates repair of tissue damage.

They summarized by stating that Chlorella can “help restore bowel regularity, normalize beneficial bowel flora, assist in detoxifying the bowel and stimulates repair of damaged, broken down tissue.”

In fact, Chlorella has been shown to address the body as a WHOLE inter-related system, and at a cellular level, to fit our genetic and nutritional requirements.

So, can you see the important repercussions that such powerful superfoods could exert on your health, when favored and taken regularly over junk foods or foods of much less nutritional value? As said, choosing valuable foods to respond to your body’s real needs, rather than accumulating foods devoid of vitality and nourishing power, taxing your system or causing cancer (as shown above), can make or break the balance and harmony of your future health… So you might want to question what choices do you make, on a daily basis?

But isn’t it great to know that one supplement may make such a huge difference? Imagine the cumulative effects that a healthier diet and supplements could have over time on the ways you look and feel: that is simply priceless!

Mother Nature, in its abundant generosity has gifted all of its children and creations. But among them, Chlorella, a medicinal unicellular alga, in such a small structure, has been particularly “drenched” with all kinds of nutritive, detoxifying, balancing and healing properties, and is considered and experienced by many as some panacea. It is true that its researched healing & balancing health benefits are truly remarkable!


CC BY by Respository

CC BY by Respository

Considering that 1) health is becoming an increasingly HUGE challenge for nearly everyone, 2) that we become increasingly busy and 3) that health care is becoming increasingly expensive, we think it makes sense to pack-up the benefits in one easy and powerful supplement if we can , especially when they address key aspects of good health such as nutrition, detox and boosting our defenses against the increased daily assaults on our health! In fact, Health might become the biggest challenge of our century, in an ironical diametrical opposition with the phenomenal evolution in technology, medicine, and in the extension of longevity that we have witness in our times…

So in what ways Chlorella may greatly help you today?
Possibly because Chlorella has shown to help:

What do these results mean to you?
Well, they could help you to:

  • Charge your system with increased energy & vitality
  • Trigger your body natural healing powers & responses
  • Protect your body against viruses and diseases
  • Rejuvenate & lessen premature aging
  • Enhance strength and endurance
  • Promote healthier bowel movements and toxins elimination
  • Balance weight and/or promote weight loss
  • Reduce hunger and cravings
  • Regularize the body’s acidic level
  • Help the brain and the nervous system against stress, memory loss and depression,

This is why it often happens that people who have decided to take Chlorella for a particular symptom, have later realized that it has helped them with other health problems as well!

How much money and time can you be saving? Probably a ton!
It truly depends on so many factors, but it is nearly impossible to quantify the price of better health, happiness, energy and freedom of living, isn’t it?

Is an excellent Chlorella part of your smart formula for nourishing, balancing and healing?
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