I am extremely pleased with the Bio+Mega 3. The doctors told my son that he had damaged his liver and his kidneys from taking too many OTC medicine. The marker for his liver was 300 and now it is down to 15 which indicates a healthy liver, and for that I credit Bio+Mega 3 and Bio+ Chlorella.

I really do fell that health is the number one priority and that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. As who wants to be ill? As most of the time the symptoms are treated and the root cause of the disease is never addressed.

I really feel that every family should reap the benefits from Bio+ Sources’ Chlorella and bio-omega3. There would be less reliance on the medical community as everyone should take responsibility for their own health. The doctors do not take too many courses in nutrition and they would rather you come back time and time again as repeat business is what their practice is based upon – not making anyone well.

I do not mean to demean allopathic doctors as they mean well. I have a relative that is going to a naturopath that costs $500.00 an hour and they are taking 17 supplements all of which range from Vitamin B6 & B12 and every mineral. They were convinced that they could get every vitamin and mineral from the food that they ate.
Now it is said that in all of the soils worldwide are badly depleted and everyone has to supplement their food to make that the body operates in a superior manner. Like a body that is not deficient in any of what it needs to operate like it was designed to do.

My family does extremely well on the Bio+ Chlorella and the Bio+ omega 3’s. I wish everyone knew about it. as it does provide excellent health on a shoestring. What I mean by that is it is economical.
As I have read the Japanese royal family consumes that same quality as bio+ chlorella.

Thanx a lot for your excellent products.



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