Avoiding the collective fear in uncertain times

  We sincerely hope that you and your family are safe and healthy, and have managed to find a place where you are doing your best to avoid the collective fear and panic, which has unfolded globally. No doubt, we are living in incredibly serious and uncertain times with the spreading of the Corona virus, as it has reached a magnitude across the world that we have never known in history! For all of us, it is worrisome and challenging to some degree, but for many, it might be a considerably stressful, unfortunate and even life-threatening situation, whether health wise or on the economic and financial level. This is also the very first time that the planet is facing such levels of global contagion, measures of confinement, isolation and closing of borders.

Fear Corona virus

Billions of people are instructed to stay at home, minimize or avoid public places, social gathering and unnecessary traveling. Life as we have known is temporarily suspended, more so than ever before, and we can’t tell until when and how deep it will go. It’s not only our health that is at jeopardy; it’s also the emotional, educational, and financial well-being of millions of people and families… One of the consequences of shutting down the economy across the globe, due to the exponential growing number of people affected by the Coronavirus, is to greatly reduce pretty much all asset class values, with sometimes a brutal dive down.

Furthermore, millions of jobs, businesses, conditions of work, schooling and education, traveling and interactions with others are compromised or have to be redefined. The world economy is under a sledgehammer. So, it’s no wonder that we feel the weight of so many unknowns… Because we have never faced such a level of uncertainty, in the midst of the COVID19 chaos, fueled on all fronts, it’s easy and natural to give into fear, but the key is not to allow the energy to fester and lead us into panic. And this is what many have witnessed and experienced, across several continents, when shopping for groceries, water and toilet papers lately! In these moments, most will have the strong tendency to give in into our natural survival energy, simply because it’s part of our make-up.  

However, if we keep being fed by this energy for long and deep enough, it can be very insidious and creep into a state of fear and depression if we don’t pay attention and take steps to snap out of it. And we need to realize or remember how:

  1. It can make things much worse for oneself (and others, such as our loved ones), which is really counterproductive for our well-being
  2. Right now, our immune system and the importance of staying grounded are of utmost importance to navigate this Corona virus period.

Again, it’s certainly not easy to stay calm and rational in this debacle, particularly if we get fed constantly by the news, because our self-preservation instinct is racing us, subconsciously, to be in a constant fight and flight mode. However, if we get stuck in this state, it will eventually greatly tax our precious immune system.

Again, it’s certainly not easy to stay calm and rational in this debacle, particularly if we get fed constantly by the news, because our self-preservation instinct is racing us, subconsciously, to be in a constant fight and flight mode. However, if we get stuck in this state, it will eventually greatly tax our precious immune system. So, even though it might feel like it’s much easier said than done, it is particularly during those times of survival that we need to be mindful to do everything we can to:

  • Integrate the best daily nutrition we can have access to and can afford
  • Protect and support our immune system
  • Calm stress and negative thoughts down
  • Detox through multiple natural and holistic ways.

Besides taking these beneficial actions, getting the facts straight and rationally assess our own situation can really help to keep us calm and grounded. We can then make greater choices to face this ordeal, and even choose the opportunity to grow and benefit from it!

Knowledge and simple actions during COVID19

Of course, it’s best to be responsibility informed of the facts and updates about COVID19, and to adopt a “healthy” level of fear that pushes us to take the measures and precautions to stay safe. However, it is imperative to assess our personnel and family risks to contract the virus with a cooler head. And by now, most of us know that factors such as our age and shape of our immune system play significant roles. According to some of the latest update about COVID19 “By and large, your personal risk is low. The overall fatality rate for COVID-19 appears to be around 0.6%-1%. The lower bound (0.6%) comes from the South Korea data.” (Source: https://www.kevinmd.com/blog/2020/03/a-covid-19-coronavirus-update-from-concerned-physicians.html) The main group of the population affected by the fatality rate of the disease are the elderly over 65, pregnant women, children under 5, smokers, overweight people and people with an existing compromised immune system or suffering from medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, lung and respiratory issues, cancer, etc.

Of course, regardless, we are all at risk, which also mean we are all in it together. Hence, our mindfulness and the way we act on an individual level to protect our own health are connected to the collective well-being as well. By taking simple and responsible precautions to keep ourselves and others to be infection-free, such as following the recommended guidelines for contagion and respiratory diseases, we can all contribute to everyone else’s health. Even though there are still a lot of unknowns regarding the rate of contagion and how transmission is done, there are at least “Ten reasons why you ought not to panic” (Source: https://theconversation.com/coronavirus-ten-reasons-why-you-ought-not-to-panic-132941 )

Therefore, simple actions and responsibility on an individual level can go long ways to protect us and the community at large. This could include washing our hands regularly for at least 20 seconds, disinfecting objects and surfaces, wearing gloves in public places, no handshaking, touching our skin only with clean hands, avoiding unnecessary public places, crowd and traveling, helping elderly to stay home, etc. But besides keeping reasonably informed and taking these basic precautions, we believe that anything we can do to increase our immune system naturally is a proactive and intelligent way of not only fighting a potential infection of COVID19 but also of any other viruses and illnesses: the strength of our immune system is THE key!  

Focusing on increasing our immune system, naturally

How do we shift from focusing on fear, a sneaky suppressor of immunity, to the opposite of building our immune defenses in a beneficial and natural way? Well first, we have to make that decision, and make a list of everything we could do to integrate more balance, health and happiness into this new and challenging pandemic. Since we might as well resolve ourselves to stay potentially confined and less public for longer than we are used to, and given the importance of boosting our natural immune defense in this current worldwide situation, it’s a perfect time to enjoy home, go within, to assess the best ways to grow our health and spirit, and even to benefit of the forced situation :). First off, no doubt, sound nutrition plays a huge role in the state of our immune system. So whenever possible, we should integrate fresh, organic, whole and unprocessed natural foods, particularly because the need for good nourishment is even more prevalent during a pandemic.  

Simple immune-boosting nutrition guidelines include:

  • To stay the closest possible to nature, simple ingredients, lots of fruits & veggies, good-quality natural foods and health supplements, and to have preferably home-made food.
  • To add a dash of love, good mood and consciousness while preparing foods elevate their vibration, and are all great for the immune system too :).
  • To stay away from processed foods, labels that have complicated / chemical ingredients, low-quality oils, “white” high carbs and/or sugar products (watch out drinks and so-called “healthy and natural products”).
  • To have a moderate amount of good-sourced animal products, such as organic and grass-fed meats and dairy, for non vegetarians.
  • To chew foods long enough.
  • To drink plenty of good quality purified water outside of meals.

Unfortunately, nowadays, getting organic foods, besides being more pricey, is not always enough because our soils have been often decimated or at least impoverished, and consuming organic foods does not necessarily mean they are nutritious-enough.

That’s where great quality and multiple benefits whole food supplements can sometimes be health-changing to palliate the numerous deficiencies people may have. During these trying times, we personally favor increasing our immune system with the help of higher doses of Bio+ Chlorella and Bio+Mega3, wild oregano oil (Hedd Wyn), propolis, raw honey, fermented foods and/or good probiotics.

However, we believe, now more than ever, that Bio+ Chlorella is a winner for its combined properties to nourish, detox, stimulate the immune system and other functions, and for being one of the best survival/fasting food, which might lessen the urgency to go to the stores for foods!

With a high percentage of protein, this vital plant contains important nutrients as well to support the nervous system, stress level and mood (such as vitamin A, C, B(s), calcium, magnesium, potassium, chlorophyll, etc.), which could help to keep us stronger and saner during difficult times. And absence or lessening of colds and flu during the winter is often noticed by regular users (us included).

Therefore, paying attention to the quality of our diet and supplementation can go a long way to support our immune system. However, the good news is that there are multiple other ways we could use to be excellent to our health while being stuck at home.

Let’s cover some.

Simple immune-boosting practices include:

  • Sleeping well, preferably while respecting our circadian rhythm, and taking some napping!
  • Moving, exercising, sweating, stretch, yoga to stimulate the lymphatic system.
  • Reading, learning, meditating or spending more time in Alpha and Theta brain waves.
  • Taking a hot bath, a sauna, dry brushing or anything else that help us to detoxify naturally.
  • Paying attention to negative thoughts and replacing them with positive ones.
  • Taping into feeling more joy, fun, laughter, happiness; great communication and love.
  • Spending time with people and activities we enjoy.

So, now is a perfect time to focus on taking the best care of our health, to connect deeper within & with loved ones, to learn & grow, and in short to love yourself into health in the most holistic way possible! Not only, you would give yourself a great deal of good, but soon enough, family and closed ones will want to follow your good vibe and results :).

Remembering that we are Holistic and connected

Putting it all together, in order to assess our best strategy to cope with the unknown and to avoid sliding into the collective fear, we need to be informed of the real risks to contract the virus, and to take the recommended steps diligently to keep ourselves and others safe.

We also need to recall that there are many actions we can take to influence greatly our immune system to keep us safer from health dangers such as viruses, diseases, etc. And as holistic beings, we can affect and boost our immune defense not just at the physical realm, but also at emotional, mental and spiritual levels. That’s right! We often forget that we are energetic and holistic being, and that we are way beyond just the physical field. Therefore, for optimum results, we cannot only address a singular aspect of our health and immune system, and neglect the other components that we all made of (whether we realize it or not).

Besides being holistic, we must remember that this worldwide crisis also reveals us the extent of how connected we are, and that our individual actions can have such an impact on the collective good. Therefore, if we can keep a mindful and positive energy behind our actions, behavior, intent, words, etc., it may go long ways to boost our immune system during the Coronavirus pandemic, and after. But while this applies to a personal and family level, let’s remember that this pandemic shall pass too, hopefully soon, and that positive vibration affects everyone else in our field, and even more so if we can spread it to others:).

Stay healthy and safe 🙂

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