A Perfect time for Scrutiny

To emerge positively from this unprecedented worldwide crisis, and in order to face its unfolding, we wholeheartedly believe that the best way to help ourselves right now, and in continuity, is to seriously consider and address ALL aspects of our health and finances. Would you agree?

During this slower pace of incubation for most, we get the opportunity to do some scrutiny, so let it serve us best by dwelling into internal inquiries to extract what can be implemented to impact our health, finances and life positively. What we can do to feed ourselves better… to feel more confident about the perspectives of our coming future… to ease stress and tension… to boost our immune system in easy but efficient ways, while stretching the value of our money? Those are crucial goals, right now, but they don’t seem easy to reach during this unsettling time of disorder and pressure from all over the places in our lives…

However, time of chaos also serves as an opportunity to purge what needs to be left behind and to reset ourselves towards a new and more beneficial paradigm. When we can consciously create this shift with the right mindset, intents and wisdom, it will probably enable to usher blessings we would never even have thought of before!

Scrutiny on health & finances
Health and finances assessment

It is up to us, to uplift whatever situation or health state we are at, and the good news are that there are always plenty of ways to do so!

Of course, what we do to support our health and our immune system has a meaningful impact on us, on our friends and family, but, for the first time in modern history, our actions also exert an indirect influence on the health, and on the economic freedom (but we will not dwell on this aspect in this article), of people at large.

So more than ever before, we need to remember that when we heal and keep ourselves healthy, to the best of our abilities, we can bring our best self forward, receive heightened intuition, make better choices, but also be of the best service to self and others.

We all possess extraordinary healing potentials! They get enhanced when we understand that we really do possess an innate healing power; when we regularly implement important principles to keep healthy; and when we consistently assist our amazing body-mind-soul with the right tools, thoughts and activities that promote health and healing.

Instead, through the busy-ness of work, life and of what we deem necessities, we unfortunately often keep polluting our systems daily with unhealthy foods, drinks, chemicals, harmful Emfs, with toxic thoughts, patterns and people. And since we all have them in our existence to some degrees, it is essential, in this crisis more than ever, to take the time to deeply scrutinize, reassess, be creative and proactive, do some searching and cleaning….

Next, we’ll suggest some healthy ideas and easy ways we use, that you can implement too, to boost your well-being, while being kind to your body-mind-soul and wallet:).

Staying Close to Nature & Appreciating Its Wonders

We believe that the Beauty of Nature, which includes the quintessence of the human body, is one of the BEST refuges to appease and nurture us, and to raise our vibration.

When the light of life seems dimmer and gloomier, we need to reconnect with the inherent beauty and vibrancy of Nature to fluff up our flattened wings, and to put back some happy colors into our lives!

Now is the perfect time to value and be grateful for Life, to be in awe and inspired by all the wonders that Mother Nature has to offer all over the world and in infinite ways (if it wouldn’t be for the destroying or limiting human actions against it). But when, for the first time, we are forced to not have free access to it, how to we get to enjoy it?

Thank goodness, through technology and media, we can still find many ways to view its splendor and learn about its fascinating secrets and marvels. Along our path, the more ways we find to keep integrating into our lives the myriad of benefits and miracles that nature and the quantum universe offer, the more cumulative and rewarding it will be for our health and quality of life. That’s what we have done for many years, and we can’t explain through words how thankful we are for all the blessings, serendipity, synchronicities and manifestation that gradual transformation has brought back to us :).

Honoring and understanding the wonders of the human body is another channel to reconnect with nature, and with your own nature. Stay close to the hints and messages your body gives you to take the next course of action to re-balance your health. How smooth is your digestion process? What about elimination? Are you getting enough sleep? Are you getting “jumpy” and easily irritated, showing that stress is taking a toll on you and that your energy level is depleted? Do you drink enough clean water?

Wonders of nature

We have experienced that sending daily love and appreciation to the amazing nature of our body-mind-soul is like sending balm to the essence of our being, and is bound to entrain multiple healthy ripples on our well-being. Thank and appreciate your body, your brain, your organs, and your higher-self for all the work they do continuously, for all the care they give you 24/7 so you can walk, move, think, be guided and function autonomously!

Let’s face it, we never really take much time (if any) to think or realize the miracles of our nature. Actually, we are too busy, and so much that we often don’t realize the abuse we put our Being through, until something “breaks down”. And we get “dis-eased” with diseases or illness, it’s when we might painfully regret and understand our wrong choices, what we lost and took for granted, and sometimes for a long time…

But now that we all have to face many layers of change and adaptation through this worldwide crisis, it looks like we all learn to appreciate the “little things”. It looks like we even have to long for a plethora of fundamental needs we always had and took for granted, and which should be so all over the world as essential human rights, like walking freely in a park, on a beach or in nature, like enjoying sunbathing for some essential natural vitamin D, or like touching/hugging people you love…

Such UN-natural (and anti-constitutional) impositions on our being can create physical, emotional, mental or soul trauma, scars and injuries that we are not aware of (with the potential of leading to despair, depression and suicide), and certainly contribute to lessen our immune system, which is the exact opposite of what we need for our health. This phenomenon is obviously aggravated when we are immersed in a climate of fear and worries.

Across the world, many people feel attacked in their core, which can be so destabilizing, yet they might not even realize it  To keep centered, it is very important to stay grounded to our true nature and to stay as close to nature or to the frequency of the Earth (with Schumann resonances) as possible, in order to deal with the uncertainty and stress of this crisis in the most functional ways possible, and in ways that are healthy and positive for our whole being, and for others. (You can connect to the Schumann resonance just by walking bare feet on natural dirt, grass or sand.)

Needless to say, emphasis on whole & natural foods, while completely -or as much as possible- ditching processed and chemically laden foods is a must, and instead just replace them with healthy, all-natural alternatives.

Surprisingly enough, going back to simpler and natural sources of foods can save you money, especially when reducing animal and dairy products, and being a wise grocery shopper. Furthermore, we often don’t realize how costly convenience or fast-food food are; and if they are cheap in price, they might be expensive in the damages they’ll induce to our health.


Natural foods for better health
Healthy Home Cooking for well being

And if you can, now is the perfect time to learn how to create delicious, healthy and nutritious recipes, in ways that are economical. It’s the moment to put together a winning strategy for your health that is time and cost efficient, for today and tomorrow, whether you face a crisis or not!


In any case, whatever way you choose to elevate yourself through the miracles of Nature, now is the time to do and enjoy more of it! So go ahead and watch the breathtaking documentaries of our stunning planet, like National Geographic or similar shows; purposely take the time to listen to the birds and literally “smell the roses” by inhaling the beauty, scents and colors of flowers; choose to enjoy watching the stars and moon, to have real good laughs, to feel life, to be touched by a child’s smile, to vibrate to the frequencies of beautiful music, precious relationships, great communication, etc. And decide to make the small incremental changes necessary to keep empowering your whole health, immune defenses and quality of life.

And don’t underestimate the domino effect of appreciating and going back to simple, healthy and natural pleasures, of being grateful for what we have, and for our health (even more precious now), as it will generate, over time, waves of good vibrations that are very healing and beneficial to strengthen the wholeness of your body-mind- spirit!

Building healthier Cells = Improved Immune System

To build healthier cells, no doubt we have to pay much more attention to what we put in our mouth, to how we digest our foods, to how well we eliminate waste and toxins, and to more essential factors of health and harmony. Therefore, the quality and value of the foods we ingest, at nutritional and energetical levels, are all important factors in the foundation of health.

Unfortunately, as we eluded in our last blog, eating organic is no longer a guarantee of nutritious and chemical-free foods, and often far from it. Therefore, sometimes the difference in price might not even justify the small difference in quality. Today, most organic fruits and vegetables are coming from poor and depleted soils, and it gets worse and worse over time, which leads to nutritionally insufficient foods, even when we believe that they look good and contain fewer chemicals.


Organic nutrition

Even if people have the budget and good fortune to buy strictly organic, which most don’t have, they likely still need to add good-quality wholefoods or supplements for extra natural vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, probiotics, etc., or to grow / make their own through gardening, sprouting, or fermenting.

For us, this crisis is definitively outlining how precarious our whole system really is, and consequently, we feel that we have the absolute necessity and responsibility to protect and boost our health, as a top priority that has never been so prevalent!  Therefore, we make a point of going much deeper into the health principles and protocols that we have adopted, “packing it up” and applying as much as possible into life, trough simple methods, and without stress or making it a painful chore that just needs to be done, which would defeat the long term adoption of the process. As we get so bombarded and attacked with toxins, fears and uncertainties, we need to create for ourselves the best natural arsenal possible to nourish and build healthy cells, but also to detox and cleanse, stimulate and fortify, while enjoying it, which is a very vital aspect of succeeding in this lifetime health quest.

High energy- Feel & look better

One quick and fun way to boost the nutrition of your already-pretty-healthy foods or recipes is to sprinkle them with super foods or “super spices” (like organic ginger, turmeric, cayenne pepper, etc). From all the experiences and feed-back over the years, we are extremely thankful and fortunate to be able to affirm that we still choose Bio Chlorella as our top best-value-supplement for all the “jobs it helps to do”, the boost of energy it often gives, its extra-ordinary vibration or life force (usually felt with muscle-testing and with a substantial energy-field increase), and for its incredible quality/price value (a little may suffice to bring on noticeable benefits).

Other advantages are that, surprisingly, Bio Chlorella powder does not make clumps and is easy to mix with anything. Its taste and smell are also not offensive (like some), and actually seem to “disappear” when mixed with foods or drinks. So, it makes it much easier for mothers and/or wives of “fussier” children or husbands to hide or sneak-in a healthy boost into their family’s foods, and without faces or protests Lol!

It’s also helpful for semi or intermittent fasting, another efficient way of getting a beneficial break to the body, of detoxifying, of boosting the immune system, and of effortlessly shedding a few extra pounds…

So, more than ever, we feel that Bio+ Chlorella is a no-brainier when it comes to bringing the best overall value, and we are immensely grateful that many share the same opinion, customers and retailers alike.

Other ways to build healthier cells, while being home-confined, is to find ways to boost your blood circulation, level of oxygen, lymphatic system, elimination pathways, quality of rest, and quality of thoughts. Besides consistent deep breathing, stretching, rebounding and yoga, our massage rollers are super cheap, easy, pleasurable and shareable (within a family, as they easily get clean with soap dish & water) health tools, that are pretty efficient to help with all of it, if used regularly! They are an amazing and soothing way to harmonize the energy pathways and meridian points of the entire body (including on the hands, feet, face and scalp), to move toxins out, to help releasing blockages of chi energy and to ease level of pain and inflammation. It’s also good to help with cellulite and visceral fat.

Again, another no-brainier to pack-up on value with portable tools that do so much, for years, for so little cost, and with no electrical power needed!

(However, we only have a limited stock left.)

Body massage rollers

What beneficial paradigm are you creating out of this crisis? Is it time to take advantage of the current slow down to analyze all aspects of how you can best serve your health and finances?

Be wise, have fun and enjoy your healthy foods, be creative with this new shift! You can learn how to make healthy but yummy recipes, and boost your overall health easily, while saving time & money. And after going through the initial feelings of “terrible” changes, once you enjoy their fruits and results, you’ll never go back! Then, you’ll be amazed and a witness of your own miracles :)!

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