Being born into a medical family I always thought the advances in science and medicine was to help mankind reach and sustain a better life through better nutrition, medical diagnosis and effective treatment/s. With this being the expected performance, why are we surrounded by increasing numbers of people afflicted with medical issues that remain unresolved and also remain undiagnosed in some cases for decades?

I believe that scientists are naturally curious, and through their curiosity have made huge discoveries that can be classed as” good ” ( solar power ) or” bad” (GMO foods ) .

It is my belief that through misleading reports, careful tactful and misleading advertising, the consumer is being led down a very poisonous path and to an early grave. This is not very difficult to assume as most of our daily news is “filtered” and “strategically positioned by the “powers that be”….
What I have also observed on the internet is the proliferation of misleading medical and scientific information, usually fueled by institutions with far reaching financial, to influence or even brain washed the untrained and unaware.

Such is the information withheld from the public regarding soda pop for example… as exposed in this article titled:
Low calorie soft drinks help people to eat more healthily

What is shocking is the fact that The dangers of aspartame poisoning have been a well-guarded secret since the 1980s. The research and history of aspartame is conclusive as a cause of illness and toxic reactions in the human body. Aspartame is a dangerous chemical food additive, and its use during pregnancy and by children is one of the greatest modern tragedies of all. Many have suffered grave consequences….

The “Diet” industry as a whole is worth trillions of American dollars to corporations, and they want to protect their profits by keeping the truth behind aspartame’s dangers hidden from the public.

As a normal human being , I can indulge in foods that I know are fattening , in cakes that are full of sugar , in beer and wine that get me drunk if I am careless… all actions that most of us have done on many an occasion and , recovering from the side effects, vow to “never do it again” and “carrying on “…
However we don’t realize that the “side effects” of our actions has been engineered well in advance to cause long term negative effects on our bodies, and we don’t realize that the sugars and multiple of the ingredients utilized are all genetically modified and contribute to stimulate the growth of tumors and cancers.

I am 58, and for the last two years I was told of an elevated PSA count in my blood and was consequently subjected to doctors probing my prostate 12 times through a biopsy. My diagnosis last October was “inconclusive” and I was told by my doctor to REPEAT the invasive medical biopsy was a necessary process!

This directed me to undertake extensive investigation of different procedures and reading many reports discussing the benefits and flaws in the biopsy world.

Many reports researched and published within North America “parroted” the “same old same old” and recommended invasive biopsies and surgeries.. … but the most recent reports .. from outside North America ,, published actual “CURES” for many different cancers ( melanoma/ prostrate/ cervical / breast .. and many more ) . PLEASE SEE :

My research led me to believe that corporations involved in food genetics for the betterment of mankind in their research have discovered negative side effects that may have been deemed “acceptable collateral damage” in the never ending goal for making money for their shareholders.

Genetically Modified foods have been banned in many parts of the world except North America … why? Very simply put , I believe that, based on the research and data, IT’S NOT HEALTHY FOR YOU !” In fact pretty dangerous over the long term use, yet many of the adds continue to promote misleading information that they are beneficial to consume while disputing evidence concludes otherwise.

Many kinds of synthetic ingredients are being substituted from the natural form as they are becoming cheaper to manufacture and some have longer shelf life; but our bodies cannot process all of these laboratory designed chemicals and react by forming tumors and cancers.

Speaking ONLY for myself and to my undiagnosed medical tests I had to find a way to counter the negative effects of my biopsies which also caused the scaring in itself to pose further medical issues.

I now understand that the medical system has standard program in place when one had elevated PSA readings ( without considering alternative noninvasive solutions…well why not??

Here is my solution to this incredible health journey and it is working for me; it’s not 100% but wow what a change in my health! !
I have been taking Bio+ Chlorella (5 x 200mg or 5 tablets) twice daily, (2000mg) for about 11 months.

Working in the construction trade, my body is constantly subject to injury and abuse., As time is money, I can’t afford a lot of down time.
What I have noticed since taking Bio+ Chlorella is that my pain tolerance has increased, ditto for my recovery from injury, my muscle pain has significantly decreased and my complexion and overall physique has taken on a younger look. I now feel Great!

My co-workers of 12 years and many friends (of 30+ years) cannot understand why I am both looking 10 years younger and stronger. After long explanations to them about the poisons in our foods and the benefits of Bio+ Chlorella, many have now ordered and started their own regiment with positive results. One 70+ year old client of mine is taking 15 tablets daily and I could not believe that since then she has transformed into a real “energizer bunny “!!!

On a very personal side, another unexpected side-effect of taking Bio+Chlorella is that I have been experiencing stronger erections and that, as a man, this has raised not only my confidence level , but all aspects of my life have a more positive energy, without any of the damaging side effects of Viagra and other ED type drugs (
If for nothing else, I believe that all men should try Bio+ Chlorella and see what happens….

Bio+ Chlorella has vastly improved my health, and as such, has also improved the world around me and I have full confidence that it will also have some degree of benefit to all who take it.

Joe Sunis
Hamilton, ON


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