I am Lynn and I reside on Vancouver Island. I have known about chlorella and spirilina for about ten years. I only got serious
about taking them both about five years ago. I lived overseas in Singapore and KL.. I generally took Red Sun which was from
Japan. My research has shown me that Bio Sources’ bio+ chlorella and the omega 3’s have a vital life source which cannot be
equaled by any other source.

I am 62.5 and feel like I am 25. I have no aches and no cellulite anywhere on my body, although I do have a bit of a mommy
tummy which I can work off but I feel that it is time to take things rather easy. I used to have the heartburn and I thought I was
having a heart attack but I took probiotics such as acidophilus when I noticed heart burn and that cleared it up instantly.
Lately I have noticed that I do not even have to take those anymore.

I am taking a balanced dose of 10 bio+ chlorella and 8 seal oils 2X a day and I have noticed that I have a great calm about me
and nothing seems to rattle me although I used to smoke in times of stress but I have given that up also as I have that bio+
chlorella has the same effect that a smoke does on the system – as it raises good endorphins.

I slammed a door on my finger and was told that the nail would fall off and I would be in great pain. To this date nothing has
happened and my nail shows like it is normal.

My son was diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic and I have been giving bio+ chlorella once in while and then I had to take him to
the hospital where they diagnosed a cracked rib. They took urine and blood samples and were amazed as before he had
kidney and liver damage from too much OTC medicine and now they said there was no damage at all. So that really shows
the truth there about the vital life source of bio+ chlorella.

I take bio+ chlorella everyday and my whole family is on it and I can’t imagine being with without it both the chlorella and the
omega3’s. Thank you very much for creating such a vital energy product.


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