I am a female in my mid-thirties and I work at a health food store in the GTA. After receiving a product training about Bio+ Chlorella, we learned about the many health benefits the chlorella plant gives and about the exceptional energy of Bio+ Chlorella.
Among the benefits, we learned that it has been shown scientifically that if someone takes a few grams of chlorella before drinking alcohol, it should prevent a hangover.

It so happened that recently three other girlfriends and I were scheduled to celebrate a “girls’ reunion party”. Since we had so much to catch up on, I was anticipating it was going to be a long enjoyable evening with few cocktails to celebrate our long awaited reunion, so remembering what we learned, I thought I would give Bio+ Chlorella a try …

I told my girlfriends that chlorella is supposed to help avoid hangovers and since we had nothing to lose, we decided “why not give it a try?” We only took 2 to 4 tablets each of the Bio+ Chlorella product prior to starting drinking.

We thoroughly enjoyed our late evening and it was a fantastic party but to be honest we had quite a bit to drink! However, we were really surprised the following day that no one had any signs of hangover, not even a headache or migraine! That is very unusual compared to what I would have usually felt, and my girlfriends thought the same. It was so cool to be able to NOT pay the price the next day, and to think that we also protected our liver from toxic injury before diving into the evening!

So we experienced that what we were told about chlorella and alcohol hangover prevention was really true in that sense, even after just taking a few tablets. However, I later discovered that, based on the scientific studies we were told about, usually one would need to take 4 to 6 g before drinking alcohol. But we had taken only 2-4 tablets of Bio+ Chlorella each, equating to less than one gram! Pretty amazing!

The other staff and I witnessed a few times already that this chlorella brand is way stronger than other ones or other whole food greens when doing applied kinesiology energy testing. Anyway, after that night my 3 girlfriends ordered a bottle each and we are looking forward to see what else we’ll notice since clients who buy it seem pretty happy and pleased with this great green health product!


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