I have been taking Bio Chlorella® for at more than a year now. I cannot express how taking this product has brought such relief in my life. Before taking this chlorella, pain from arthritis was killing me every day, particularly at night time! I used to drive my wife crazy with my complaints of how much pain I had in my neck shouting down to my shoulders, in the knuckle of my fingers and in one knee.

The doctor told me I had arthritis in my neck and I got scared about what it would hold for me in the future. I have a girl friend that has arthritis in her neck and she’s on constant pain killers!

My wife did not believe I had arthritis; she thought I had my liver choked with gallstones, so she had me on Chinese herbs for the liver and gallbladder; she also made me do 3 flushes with lemon & olive oil for my gall stones from Dr. Hilda Clark’s method. It did help somehow, but I was still suffering.

Also, for over 20 years I have been a regular user of Tums, Zantac and other anti-acid medication. If I did not eat for 4 hours, my mood would be fierce and the heart burns would be irritating.

When I started to take Bio Chlorella® I noticed I was not so hungry and I could even go until the afternoon without having heartburn! My intestinal transit was even better than usual, even though I never had a problem there. My stomach was reduced and now I had the same waist size as when I was in my mid-thirties! I have lost about 13 lbs within the first few months of starting the product and I have been maintaining the same weight ever since. As far as anti-acids go, I don’t even know what they mean anymore!

The best is the incredible joy not to suffer (or hardly) from my neck, fingers and knee pain anymore!

I swear this product has made me at least 15 years younger! I get constant compliments about how good I look for my age and how trim I keep myself. I also noticed my hair has grown and gone thicker. If I go out drinking, I take a bunch of chlorella before and the next day, I won’t have a bad hangover!

If I am out of Chlorella for two weeks I feel the difference in my energy level, in my stomach and in the pain coming back from arthritis.

I rave about this product to everybody because it really changed my life to a pain-free one!


WEEK 1-252lbs
Taking 10 capsules per day
Signs of itching and dry skin
Bloating of stomach
Knees and joints hurt

WEEK 2-249 lbs
Taking 10 morning/10 night
No itching, dry skin clearing up
Little bloating of stomach
Knees and joints hurting less

WEEK 3-245lbs
Taking 10 morning/10 night
No itching, no dry skin
No bloating of stomach
Knees and joints feeling better
Less urge to snack
More energy

WEEK 4-240 lbs
Taking 10 morning/10 night
No itching, no dry skin
No bloating of stomach
No problems with knees or joints
Great energy!

WEEK 5-238 lbs
Taking 10 morning/10 night
No problems with health, period!
Feeling strong, Finger nails and hair growing
No signs of calcium deposits in finger nail
Soft skin, no dryness
No urge to snack

WEEK 8-235 lbs
More energy to exercise, to work, feeling stronger than ever!
Longer hours at work, never tired, good nights’ rest
Full of energy in the morning and throughout the day!

Week 9-235 lbs
Maintaining same weight
Noticing inches off of waistline
Noticing muscle mass leaner
Everything great physically
Great energy continuously!
THANK YOU Bio Chlorella®! You have changed things forever!


Dear Sir/Madam,

I have been taking your product for about 13 months now. At the time I started, I had already been trying to detoxify with other products because after I stopped smoking I had a large weight gain (about 20 lbs) and my whole system was literally out of balance! I was so constipated and bloated on a daily basis that an apple or a glass of water would fill me right up! My skin became pudgy, full of water retention and I had cellulite under my arms, on my stomach and on my thighs. I felt awful!

At first, I tried too hard too quick: I did quit all the other supplements I was taking, except for a balanced EFA’s, and started with 12-15 tablets/day and became even more bloated and constipated. I even gained 2 extra lbs. I was not happy. Then, Bio Sources told me to reduce my dosage and explained to me how my body was trying to detoxify too rapidly. I followed their advice and eventually my bowel movement went from once per day to twice. My digestion felt quicker, my stomach was flatter; slowly my cellulite disappeared as I was shedding a few pounds away without making any particular efforts. Actually, I was not even working out anymore.
I noticed my skin was more moist and glowing; my nails went from brittle with white spots to stronger, clear of spots and growing faster; my hair seemed fuller. I started to feel as good as 15 years earlier, with the same waist, weight and level of energy! Gone was this horrible bloating, gone was the dreadful cellulite, life was good again!

Then I received the confirmation of all the health benefits my system was receiving with a comparison between an actual blood test and one done 6 months earlier. My doctor told me the results were quite astonishing within that short period of time! With:

a previously deficient Neutrophils Count, in my Platelet Count, to a normal one, reflecting a better ability to fight bacteria,
a previously below normal WBC Count (white cells) in my Hematology to a normal range one,
an increased level of Lymphocytes (cells in the body that fight virus infection) & Monocytes (immature cells from the bone marrow) in my platelet count, reflecting a stronger bone marrow to more effectively fight infections,
a substantially increased level of Creatinine, reflecting a more efficient elimination of toxins & cleansing of the blood by the kidneys,
an increased level of Bilirubin (waste product of the liver after the production of digestive enzymes) in my chemistry, reflecting an increased production of digestive cells and new red cells,
a normalization of Gama-Globulin which was previously above the Reference Range,
a significant decreased level (of 0.44) of cholesterol and a significant decrease of triglycerides, reflecting a lower trans-fats level,
improved and excellent levels of all elements reflecting the liver functions (ALK PHOS, AST, GAMMA GT)
I couldn’t be more pleased about the improved and excellent results reflecting my health and about my physical form and the way I feel: just fantastic! I will faithfully continue to take my miraculous green powder (I switched from tablets to powder) with my other supplementation in Essential Fatty Acids forever, and continue to save money while improving my health!
I am so pleased with this product, I thought I’d share my enthusiasm so that, hopefully, other people could feel & experience the same level of improvement!

Thank you for having such a wonderful supplement!


I have to admit it, my eating habits are the not the healthiest: about10 espressos per day, French fries, chicken wings or other fried foods as my food of predilection, a total dislike of fruits and vegetables… I understand there could be room for improvement! I have suffered from daily heartburns (for which I was told “hello?”) and have combated them with an average of 10 antacids daily for the last twenty years … until Bio Chlorella® came into my life. Four little green tablets per day and all my heartburns disappeared like magic! Adios Tums! Even when I occasionally push the envelope by consuming more coffee and more wings & French fries (I know, I was told I’m not supposed to do that), I still don’t have this killing burning sensation when I feel like choking someone (just joking)! Needless to say I am very pleased with this product. With more bowel movements, more energy, better sleep, more calmness, and even the loss of a few inches from my waistline (I was not overweight but had a little “pouch”), life DOES feel much better. But the best is the pain relief ! Thanks.


This is a family of six who uses Bio Chlorella® and seal oil.

Whenever my daughter went to the her eye doctor he would prescribe her a stronger prescription, but since she has been using three capsules of seal oil, her lenses has remained the same.

That was such good news for two years in a row! Now she is using 6 and I am quite confident that the next time that she has an eye check, her prescription will be lower. Also her blemishes and acne have been reduced, and her migraines headaches have lessened.

Since I am using fifteen tablets of chlorella and eight seal oils, I no longer have any menopausal symptoms. The hot flashes and night sweats have disappeared and I no longer need to use HRT supplement, thus it saves me money!

I have arthritis and the chlorella have ph balance my acid level in the body to a healthy 6.2.

I have also lost about 6 lbs. My acupuncturist have commented on how healthy my entire family looks thanks to the wonders of chlorella and seal oil. We can’t do with out it! Thanks to the wonders of chlorella and seal oil. This little green tablet is indeed the jewel of the Nile and quite amazing!”


I am 19 years old. When I started to take Bio Chlorella®, just a few tablets / day, I was really surprised by the way it helped my PMS and my colitis symptoms. Normally, I literally “die” of pain when I have my periods! It is so bad, I have to take strong medicine. But when I take Bio Chlorella®, my cramping is much better. I also have a lot of problems with my digestion. I can hardly hold anything in my stomach, especially when I have anxiety or suffer from stress. With Bio Chlorella®, my movements are less frequent, from my usual 7-8 /day, and more solid.

I also witnessed my brother to have amazing results, even better than mine. Two years younger than me, for years he had a real bad problem with acne. It was all over his face, his shoulders and back. Also, my mom had some challenges with him: 1) it was really challenging to wake him up in the morning as we had to yell I don’t know how many times before he would get up 2) diagnosed with ADHD since little (he used to be on Retlin), he has a hard time to focus and concentrate 3) with an oppositional/defiant attitude, his temper could be a burden for the whole family, and 4) with a cigarette first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, complaints of migraine and heartburns were frequent.

When he started to take Bio Chlorella® and Bio Mega3® at the same time, we noticed dramatic changes within a short time. Chokingly, he was soon the first member of the family to be up, bright and early! He would say that he slept much sounder at night and therefore had no trouble getting up. Unlike previously, he would have an appetite for breakfast and a better appetite in general (but is still skinny). He also told me he no longer suffered from heartburns and headaches. He said that he was able to focus, listen to people and concentrate better, and that he felt calmer and less angry at the world! To bout, in a month time, his acne was a third of what it used to be.

He became more confident and you could see more of his gorgeous eyes and handsome face. We also found out he usually suffered from colitis, like me, and that this situation also became better for him. My mother was so pleased with my brother’s changes, she said it was like a miracle! And trust me, I am happy too!


It’s been approximately 1 and 1/2 months since I began taking Bio Chlorella® and I just wanted you to know how fabulous I feel. I had never heard of chlorella before, but a friend of mine introduced me to this wonderful product. Once my system adjusted and began to detoxify from years of abuse, ie: improper eating habits, prescription drugs, pollution etc. I noticed several changes in my appearance and energy level:

My nails used to be so weak and now they grow strong and healthy. They don’t even break or chip anymore.
My hair used to fall out so much so that I was concerned that sooner or later I would suffer baldness. Now I hardly see any hair strands in my brush and the growth spurt is incredible.
My skin is glowing, lines are not as prominent and I am complimented more on how great I look.
I notice that my digestive system is working again and I’m regular instead of irregular. This also seems to curb my appetite and I don’t feel as hungry as before. It’s a good thing!
There is an energy level and stamina that for many years was not there. I was always tired and could barely get through my day. After work all I wanted to do was go to sleep.
My mind is sharper. I remember and retain information more quickly. I can carry on a conversation better and need to have less information repeated.
My monthly cycle pain is less prominent and easier to handle. I take prescription medicine for the cramping and lately I’ve noticed that I need to take this prescription medicine less and less.
Before I would always get colds, flus – you name it, I would get it if exposed. Lately I have been around so many people with colds and sore throats and I have not become sick from being around them.
My entire system seems shielded from the bad elements since being introduced to Bio Chlorella and I believe that this tiny pill could be the super pill of the future. I thank you, and I’m going to continue to take Bio Chlorella as well as keep you informed of my progress.

Kind Regards


I’m always on the run and the pressure to take care of business is overwhelming. I’m working very late hours and don’t have much time to take good care of what I put in my body. So tons of coffee and fast food on the go seem to be part of my daily routine, which is far to be ideal. Still young, in my late twenties, and with two small children, I became really worried with regular occurrences of rectal bleeding in the bathroom. I frightened myself with thoughts about stomach cancer or some equally serious disease. Eventually I got diagnosed with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). A friend recommended Bio Chlorella® to help alkalinize my body. It took me a while to get to that amazing product. But honestly, I never expected such a difference: from the day I took these green pills, my bleeding stopped! Unbelievable. I also noticed being filled with more energy. Unfortunately I did not change my habits. But for now, so far so good. I’m not worrying as much since my bleeding stopped. Thank you for a great product, for your kindness and for the time you spent with me on the phone. I know I’m not doing nearly as much as I should, but at least it’s a good start!


A friend of my mom’s gave me some Bio Chlorella® to try because I was complaining about my usual problem of being constipated – I am in my early twenties and this problem has plagued me from childbirth. I tried it and I was shocked on how fantastic it worked from the very next day. I never had such a great bowl movement in my life! It helped with my weight and it also cleared up my teenage acne. That was an added benefit that I wasn’t expecting. My mom’s friend wanted to see if I could tell the difference myself without her telling me about the results you can get and it worked. My face is so clear now for the first time in my life! I seem to have more energy and no more constipation (mostly two bowel movements / day which is totally unheard of for me) which I now realize was a big part of getting to and being my ideal weight. Thank you makers and distributors of Bio Chlorella® I love your product and I can honestly say IT WORKS!!!


I’ve been taking Bio Chlorella® for over 2 years. I’ve tried other Chlorella sources and none have given the impressive results of Bio-Chlorella®. For me Bio Chlorella® is the perfect whole food nutritional supplement. It provides me with the minerals, vitamins & trace elements in a compatible form for the body. It is my favourite supplement to a healthy diet. I find this product absorbs into the cell level very quickly. My Work-outs at the Gym have increased in recovery time and endurance. Also. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence, but since taking Bio Chlorella® my hair dreeser says my hair is darker (no grey hair). This an excellent product!!! I’ve tried other algae products. This is THE best!!