“I would like to let you know that your product has done wonders for me.
I have Essential Hypertension Stage 2 for 15 years. I usually could not maintain my blood pressure especially if I’m working for long hours and have little sleep. I try to maintain my blood pressure between 170/120 to 160/110 which would be my normal pressure. If I have to work more than 12 hours by pressure goes up to 170/130 at least. I’m taking Amlodapine 10 mg and Hydroclrothiazide 12.5 mg twice a day for my maintenance. But most of the side effects of these drugs are bothersome.

I started taking your product for more than 2 weeks now and I’ve noticed a significant change in my blood pressure. It doesn’t go up if have to stay in the office for more than 14 hours or if have limited rest. I don’t feel heavy when I wake or even have a terrible headache due to lack of sleep. I am now maintaining my pressure at 150/100 and hopefully lower it down. I am not taking any medications anymore for my blood pressure except for your Chlorella.

I also noticed that my mind is sharper and I am more productive. I tried to experiment on something last week. I did not take Chlorella for 2 days and noticed that I felt heavy and my blood pressure was high. When I went to work my pressure was back to 170/140. I realized that your product is doing great for my body.

I am now taking Chlorella everyday. Your supplement has no bothersome side effects. Ever since I started using your product I feel so great. I don’t feel sickly or tired, my headaches are gone, I can maintain my blood pressure and even my mental alertness has greatly improved.

I THANK YOU for this. Your product has greatly improved my body. Again, thank you and God bless.


– Chucky Pyne (Philippines, May 2013)


“Yes, feel free to add my story in your testimonials and use my real name, no problem. I found about your chlorella in a heavy metal detox forum but I don’t remember which one. Someone was saying really good things about Bio+chlorella and that is how I decided to try it out!

The chlorellas I tried are:

a) Rainforest Foods broken cell wall chlorella
This is chlorella vulgaris and 6 grams gives me mental clarity and tight gut, but it also gives me drooping eye lids. Mind you this is also something I get with 10mg of zinc picolinate supplementation. I feel strong but like sad looking! I think this is because of the mercury effect and it shows that the body tries to detox, but not successfully causing possible mercury redistribution. They say the jaw is like a toxic dump accumulating toxic metals, imagine with 12 silver fillings all these years what I may have in there!

b) Mike Adams health ranger chlorella which is supposed to have the less contaminants but chlorella doesn’t see the sun. I think they may have some chlorella that is grown outside now not sure. This chlorella has better detoxing as my drooping eye lid effect was less. It is Pyrenoidosa species. Not that I mind, but the taste was less green (i.e. like eating greens) than the rest.

c) Sun chlorella A. This is also Pyrenoidosa and it has somewhat milder effect (or different detox path) than the others on my body and it smells fresh.

d) Bio+Chlorella. This is my favourite! Skin glows, eye lid drooping gets suppressed, skin on the face becomes smooth for some reason, strength, and lots of energy especially when taking 8 grams twice a day! However, this quantity also makes the chlorella not to be used as a plain antioxidant/nutrient, but mercury mobiliser and depending on someone’s toxicity and immune system they may have side effects such as joint and muscle pains, that seem to move from one body part to another. I personally use now 4 gr per day empty stomach in the morning and wait for an hour before I eat for antioxidant protection, nutrition, plus coating the gut to trap any metals on their way out.

I also tried chlorella combinations and I liked taking 5 gr of Bio+Chlorella plus 1 gr of Sun Chlorella A , somehow there is synergy: smooth face skin lasts longer and warm hands! I now use exclusively Bio+chlorella.

Quite interesting about your other customer testimonials you describe. Yes, not sure if it is still in practice, but vaccines used to have mercury inside because it is antibacterial. With 19 shots who knows how much quantity this poor guy may had got. Or whether the half alive organisms in the vaccines (that our body is supposed to completely kill) were too much for his gut.

I have also read about the Klinghardt protocol and tried many others, but I personally believe Cutler’s is better from the point of view that the agent used for excreting Mercury should have the same strength during the whole period of the detox round, i.e. it takes into account the chelator’s half life. Alpha lipoic acid for example has a half-life of 3 hours, i.e. in 3 hours it loses half its strength. It is very important when that time lapses to replenish the chelator, otherwise, whatever the agent, chlorella, cilantro, alpha lipoic acid, DMSA, etc, they just loose strength and they drop the mercury that they are holding to. Of course each chelator or substance in general has its own specific half life.

And believe me you really feel it when the chelator starts losing its strength! Your head feels uneasy for some reason, pains, burns, stings it depends on the person. When I was trying cilantro out (coriander extract) I felt super great for half an hour! I’ll never forget it! Like being 19 years old again! Then I went to drink water and my kidneys got so swollen and hurting as if I had low back injury. I was in such a pain and I was horrified once again. That time I was taking cilantro with chlorella. I think they say that cilantro does’t necessarily chelate mercury, but it causes it to detach from where it is sitting and you could have a large flow of heavy metals which can be dangerous. This is why they think it should be used at the end of a detox treatment for the last stubborn mercury bits still in the body! From my experience, I think I agree!”

– Nektarios Papadopoulos, U.K ((Update, June 26, 2014)


My boyfriend was suffering from a fatty liver and he is only 28 years old. Month after month we would do blood work but his condition would just worsen. Then I came across Bio + Chlorella and it was God sent cause after one week of taking the Chlorella my boyfriend repeated his blood work and much to the doctors astonishment his fatty liver was completely gone. This is truly the holy grail of whole foods and it’s saved my boyfriends liver and has also increased his energy level!!!

– Liana Maple Ontario (July 2014)


My love story with Bio + Chlorella began last November! This product has truly transformed my life. I have mental clarity, I lost 12 lbs of toxic belly weight, the pain in my left knee from sports injury is completely gone, I am energetic, it’s increased my bowel movements, my skin looks vibrant and glowing! I cannot thank the creators of this product enough truly grateful!!

– Jewls Woodbridge Ontario (July 2014)


Your chlorella is the best I have found as yet. It is very alive and emanates a very high vibration. I have been using it on and off for 3 years now. I especially noticed the results while pregnant and breast-feeding. Without the chlorella I was exhausted, depleted and anaemic but with the chlorella I was fill of energy! While breast-feeding my chlorella supply ran out and soon after my energy levels plummeted. Now i’ve ordered more of your wonderful product to help me through the rest of my breast-feeding. Unlike the vitamin tablets that i’m taking while pregnant and breast-feeding, the chlorella seems to nourish my system in a much more wholesome way. To the tips of my hair, I start feeling like the vibration of the chlorella is radiating through my body…Thank you, Emma Perritaz, Switzerland.