I am a seasoned dowser and, of course, I always dowse products first. I was impressed by the energy felt from both your products. Therefore, I was not surprised not to be disappointed by the responses of wellness (including detox symptoms) I have experienced since taking Bio Chlorella and Bio Mega3®. Nowadays I find a lot of products have no energy whatsoever and therefore would be of very little –if any- benefit. I feel that yours, in contrast, are a nice gift, still blessed with Mother Nature’s wonders. Thank you for the integrity of your wonderful health products.


I want to thank you for having such wonderful products on line. I am pleased to be able to rely on your company for a great quality health food supplement, available at a much more affordable price than in France. I could not leave without them now, but to tell you the truth, at first, two years ago, I hated your chlorella.

Constipation has always been my biggest challenge. I have been using laxative suppository on a daily basis since almost ever. When I first received your chlorella, I thought “the more, the better”, so I started with 15 tablets and continued with 20 for a while. I felt awful, drained, bloated and super constipated! Instead of feeling better, I felt worst. Furious, I decided to finally call your company long distance. I was explained to cut back my dosage until detoxification symptoms would ease up, or more specifically in my case, until I would start to have more bowel movements, instead of feeling more constipated. It took me a little time to figure out what would work best for me. Incredibly enough, at the beginning, 3 tablets per day were perfect! For the very first time in my life, I have been regular without extra help, except when I abuse starch foods. Already very energetic for my age, I now have even more energy! To my amazement I have not been sick or caught a single cold ever since I have been taking your product!

I even noticed that my arthritis and my menopause symptoms are somehow alleviated. I couldn’t imagine living without taking my chlorella!

One day, I went to see my homeopath in Nice and I brought him the different products I was taking at the time. I was surprised when he went straight to the bottle of Bio Chlorella®, took a few tablets in his hand and said “this product is highly energetic”.

I will continue to faithfully consume my green tablets, I love them! And thank you, you are always helpful and gracious


I was introduced to Bio Chlorella® now for over a year and I can’t say enough about it. It helped with my weight, my elimination, my sleep, and more. I am in my late 40s and have started menopause. The worst symptom for me is the hot flashes, however there are so many horrible side effects when you are in menopause, like depression, night sweats, mood swings, weight gain, and problems focusing; you always seem to be looking for something because your memory doesn’t work as well. I could go on but I don’t have to. In short, when I have these hot flashes, sudden sweats and more, they are ruining my life.
I have been spending so much (which was not as important for me as finding something that WORKS!) on so many supplements that have not helped me, and it was SOOOO frustrating. Now, I have cut down what I am taking to clean up my system.

With Bio Chlorella® the symptoms I am describing here are virtually gone. I still have some hot flashes through the day, but nothing like before. An article I read said that taking chlorella everyday will eventually get rid of the menopause symptoms and I’m so happy – well more like widely excited – because everyday I seem to be getting better and better. I was also happy that my gynecologist, Dr. Pettle, a renowned practitioner here in Toronto, told me that he loves chlorella!

Well, I do love my Bio Chlorella® and what it does for my body. I feel so much better and I love it. I try to recommend or give it to everyone I know because it helps everyone.


“I have been taking Sun Chlorella (and tried a couple of other brands) for many years, but NONE have gave me the bodily responses of Bio+ Chlorella! I’m stunned by its unsurpassed quality & purity … and at great savings! Thank you for your wonderful product! I recommended to some of my buddies to tried it out and so far, everyone is very happy with their results. One has IBS syndroms and another friend had severe heartburn. They say to have experienced much relief. Man, this stuff WORKS!”

– John Pinto, Texas”


“We love Bio+Chlorella. I’ve given it to my six year old little girl for years now – she loves it too, and she has never had any illness but the rare cold or flu. My holistic healer girlfriend in Switzerland recommended it to us though it is an all Canadian product. She had it tested and believes it is the highest quality and best on the market. We order it online and get e-mail notifications all the way until it arrives right on schedule. The prices totally beat the health food stores…and even more so when you catch a sale or buy bulk. And if you think about all the nutritional supplements you don’t have to take when you eat these…it is a fiercely good thing!”

– Bonnie Boden, B.C, Canada


“My detox program is working fine, I practically regained a normal life

My blood analysis results after detoxification, as compared to before, are so amazing that my doctors are puzzled by the efficiency of this treatment that does not belong to traditional medicine…??

All the people I know are asking me my secret: chlorella of course!


– je@n (France) (translated from French)


“I have well received your two bottles 3 days after, just in time: I had only one day supply left!

I will share just two or three words on my personal story and the reason why I buy chlorella from you: I am 39 years old, married, have 2 children and a job in a large international group, amazing activities, three companies I recently founded, an active and dynamic life!

However, I got sick during the summer of 2002 with all the symptoms of arteriosclerosis, diverse neuro-muscular troubles in my leg & arm, but with a RMI negative and repetitive pain in my joints.

My troubles worsened at the beginning of 2003 with pressure in my chest, difficulty breathing, arrhythmia of the heart, visual troubles, insomnia during three days, pain in the joints, intestinal troubles, A NIGHTMARE!

After a number of testing and medical visits, an osteopath suggested me to search towards the hepatitis B vaccine.

In short, I had intoxication with hydroxide aluminum and with heavy metals!!!

Through the internet, I found a massive detoxifying protocol based on chlorella which I started on the 4th of August 2003.

Since then, I live again! Progressively, I have almost regained my full intellectual potential and vitality; in the morning, I wake up fresh & available from the start.

My improvement has been qualified as exceptional by the doctor who follows me up: both my skin and my hair condition have completely changed! My weight has regulated, anyway, I am a brand new man! I will contact you soon for a new order!”


– je@n (France) (translated from French)


“Two years ago a Doctor finally gave a name to all my pains, aches and chronic fatigue it was FIBROMYALGIA. What a relief to finally know that I was not going insane. I was also suffering from high blood pressure 145/95 and higher for more than five (5) years.

He started me on a treatment that even though it helped with the pain it also made me sleepy all day long. I still could not get my house work done, enjoy my every day activities or do my own grocery because driving my car was becoming impossible.

One morning while I was having breakfast with a very good friend, she suggested that I try a natural health food called BIO + CHLORELLA. I followed her advice and started taking BIO+CHLORELLA and after only a few weeks most of the pain was gone and more importantly my energy level was way up. I have been taking the product for 6 months now and I am feeling better every day. My blood pressure is back to normal 118/79. I feel I have been given a new lease on life. I am able to do my house work, I have started bowling again and doing all my own shopping!

I hope that this testimonial will help many other people with Fibromyalgia and High blood pressure to feel better and enjoy a fuller more active pain free life.

– Angèle Bisson (60 years young)
Two Mountains, Qc.


“Being in the natural health products industry and working with health practitioners & health food stores, I tend to be more fussy and discriminatory of what I ingest as supplements. I chose Bio+ Chlorella® because of its exceptional purity and quality of strain. I have been taking Bio+ Chlorella® for 24 months now. All I can say is that I LOVE it because I do feel a difference on my body when I take it versus when I don’t take it!

Initially, I took Bio+ Chlorella® because of its properties to detoxify heavy metals, to feed my body with high quality nutrients and to counteract body odors with its high chlorophyll content.

However, I got much more than what I bargained for and now, I can’t go without it! With Bio+ Chlorella® I feel infused with energy, have better and healthier bowel movements (and they are odorless to bout!); body odors are eradicated even when I sweat, and my nails and skin look prettier! Bio+ Chlorella® seems also to keep my weight down and stabilize it.

When I stop taking Bio+ Chlorella®, I feel that my body is going backward and out of whack! Body odors come back, I gain weight, my energy level is down and my elimination is impaired: not good!

I enjoy recommending this wonderful supplement and am now also giving it to my mother. I feel that this wonder natural health product could enhance numerous lives from any age, the way it has enhanced mine!

– Izabella Y., Toronto.


“I am not into supplements or vitamins. I eat fruits and vegetables, though. Then, a friend told me to take Bio-Chlorella tablets and guaranteed that it will dramatically improve my wellness. So I picked up the phone and called BioChlorella.com. The customer service agent who answered did a tremendously great job in answering my enquiries and providing me details which I needed to have an informed decision. I decided to try anyway, and when I got my package I took 4 tablets without really much expectations. On my second day of taking it, I felt like my stomach and colon were cleansed and I noticed that I had the stinkiest and stickiest bowel movements ever. It was gross! I have to go the bathroom 3-4 times a day and I’d get the same stinky and sticky result (sorry for the details but thought it could be helpful for others). Also, it make me thirstier and I sweat a lot (my sweat by the way is a bit foul which is totally not me!). I also experienced pimple break out. So, I called customer support again and they told me that it was most likely part of the detox process, and that I should be fine in a week or two, depending on my current state of health and of the amount of toxins that needs to go out of my body, and that most of my body odors (including bowel movements) would most likely lessen and disappear soon enough.

So if I were to assess it, I’m glad that the nasty toxins in my body are being flushed out from my body rather than staying inside my body. What a relief!

On the other hand, I also noticed that the quality of my sleep improved, I sleep soundly and when I wake up I feel rejuvenated (I am 30 years). It gives so much energy because normally I easily get exhausted after tending my kid. My energy level is set to a higher bar . My mind is more focused and sharper which I think dwindled after giving birth in 2010. My multi-tasking skills improved a lot.

Also, as of this writing I noticed that my face becomes more supple and tighter. I don’t crave for goodies before or after meals which is great. So my hunger for “not so nutritious” food decreases and I became more aware of what I eat since I would easily know if I’m eating “garbage” based on my bowel movements.

I think what made the Bio+chlorella greater is that it lets you change your toxic habits and bring awareness to your body and the toxins around you. It empowers me to choose health and wellness in general.

My husband took the supplement too as part of our “doing things together”. He never believes in supplements. I told him to take note of the things he would experience. According to him, his blood pressure drops gradually as weeks go by. He is mentally alert and physically agile even after exhausting activities or lack of sleep. He is sharper in making decisions in the office and more analytical which by the way he needs to be in his line of work. He had been suffering from dermatitis psoriasis for quite some time but we observed that slowly they are no longer showing up. Amazing! We do not even take more than four tablets a day.

This is a great breakthrough! I hope I had known this for awhile, we could have avoided unwanted spending on health and wellness. Thank you, Bio+ Chlorella and to the fantastic customer support that you have!

This is now part of our daily intake and is continuously referring Bio+Chlorella to my friend and relatives. My whole family takes Bio+chlorella now and I hope this becomes part of everyone’s diet and I’m sure it will greatly improve our ways of living and learning. Thank you Bio+chlorella! Long live!

– Vanity O. (May 2013) “